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You know in fact. I think he dropped you a couple of times in that last fight you know so. It's hard to say you won the fight. Yeah you want the scorecards. According to these reference to these officials who may have got it wrong right. That doesn't sit while with everybody and they have a good. They have a good debate. You know we. We agree on that right there But he does i in order to break through and get the the respect he deserves. He does need to make a statement but he doesn't. In my opinion. I think is important for him more important for him to win right. This is a guy you don't want to rush on and make a mistake because you feel pressured to make a statement right so yes you know you want your stock to go up. You want to be the entertaining fighter. Yes you want more money but this is a fight where you don't make any mistakes right. You don't make any mistakes. Even max. Holloway was a little bit conservative. Against frankie agar. Because he didn't wanna get taken down right he had to make sure he just picked them apart enough. I think he can let go more. But why risk take down. So i think we may see vulcanized. Who's a little passive who just relies on his striking and punches and keeping a close he finds. That's almost as style. But i think it might be the right approach for this fight and and against brian ortega guy who can just snag your neck a guy who can just turn it around with the grappling. You know i. I don't know if it's this is the one where you have to really make that statement to make everyone happy before you really lock into. W i think brian ortega's showed so much improvement in a striking the last time but then again not that he needs my advice but i feel like i think brian's biggest chance to win this fight as mixing things up a little bit..

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