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Got an artificial intelligence that takes God's word in mixes it up in reinterpreted. That still make it God's word doesn't make an interpretation. Like what clergymen do, and preachers do. They interpret the Bible in their own way. So having I do it? Is that wrong? If a I decides it wants to rethink it. And then what about Elon Musk? John Mosque is kind of the poster child for revelation 13 right now, especially as he cast his so called artificial intelligence demon into a pig and decides to reveal it to everybody. Some other things that are interesting, you know, Moscow in space actually controls and owns. 666 satellite controlled management system. 66 satellites so far in six lo orbits. Covering every mile on earth, including the South and North Pole. And now Elon Musk wants to own controlling stock in Bitcoin trader which, of course, is a digital currency that if you decide to put it in currency form, you have to have my deanship on a coin. You don't need the coin. Rather, it's just out there. Your Bitcoin is a technology for the block chain that a lot of people say it's well on its way. The singularity. And it builds upon itself. Some people have even called it the modern day Elektronik Mammon because it grows and grows. It's a ledger of our money and our exchanges. Elon Musk also owns the company that wants to design the first Android drone. He also said two years ago that he wanted to create the first cyborg Dragon, which is funny. This is like must also has the Dragon Falcon projects, which are responsible for launching the last few satellites for one Web, and the purpose of one Web is to provide Internet access for the entire world. So many were argue that there's you know, that's kind of like sky Net, you know, from the Terminator films. So I mean, hell on months yet I bet he has this. I this this habit of sharing these ridiculous ideas. With millions of his Twitter followers like building flamethrowers or digging tunnels and using party balloons for rocket launches. But he also has this habit of making them a reality. So he's warned that as it stands Humanity is at risk of being left behind by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence right II. Even a benign scenario. Hopefully it's a benign scenario. But he said also that day I would be like, you know. Opening up the gates of hell with a demon coming and with this new chip Norling technology. The New York Post calls him Dr Musk in Stein. So he's like young musk in Stein, basically creating his own Frankenstein's monster is a little beast. I mean, Brain machine interface. Think about that. For a moment. Musk has spoken repeatedly about his believed that a brain machine interface Is needed now to help humans keep up with artificial intelligence by supplementing our brainpower. But right now his goal is much simpler. He wants to create this implantable device. Lets people control phones and computers with their minds. The exchange between machine and man through the mind again, Symbolism and Similac, REM and all these things will dry out talks about the book that we have an aftermath. So Back on August, 28 gives a progress update now offered more details on what he has here with his Ah Nu Ai Ai chip, the suit chip. He has He said. He has a second generation robot. That's going to be able to attach the company's technology to the brain. Not only that, but it will be able to fire neurons in real time into the brain. No one knows exactly how this is because that is something that we talked about. Long time ago about downloading thoughts and whatever into a brain. You have to have all these neurons firing so many firing on time, just like you go back and find that research. I did. Maybe I still can. But here we have to think about all right. So Tesla's a and you know his Tesla and then the space Next thing that's nothing compared to being able to sew into the fabric of the brain. Firing neurons and nerve endings attached to a chip and being able to connect to that brain that consciousness into.

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