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Maybe maybe he can bring it back and play well for the rest of the year who knows? It would be nice if he did because I you know, he's one of those guys kinda always root for but he's also fits magic. Where this is the time of year where he just doesn't do good like this when he turns into fit, Patrick, so we'll see we'll see how that goes. Because it's been like five years at a row. I've always heard of its Fitzpatrick is doing great. And then yet come around this time of year. And it's like, oh, it's Patrick is. Terrible. Like we said about Allen's Marvin Jones junior. Danny's got golladay, which should get a big jump and targets now that takes gone. Yeah. He definitely should he's going up against a tough defense and Minnesota. They have a pretty good defense. But I think Stafford will still find targets and get him the ball pretty equal by week for the both of them since Cincinnati's on by Craig doesn't have mixed in and Danny doesn't have green. So I don't think they have anything to complain about this week playing the person they're playing either of them. Yeah. This is not. I mean, I think Brita is a better replacement for his person. Then I think Brown is for. For green even though. Hold on. Yeah. Green's the six ranked wide receiver and Brown the fifteenth. So I mean, it's about the same actually. Yeah. Exactly. And I think Brown has bigger opportunity to be a like one play wonder, you know, what? I mean, he gets eighty yards and a touchdown. I don't think breed is going to break one of those Brita place tonight, though. So we'll know we'll know we'll know we'll know after this week. If breeding could get to that twenty point range, I think Daniel be sweating a bit. But if Breda does only that ten maybe eleven points, you'll be fine. But yeah, looking at Brown's Brown. John Brown is isn't one of those wide receivers I pay attention to. I know Danny always raves about him. But it looks like he has a pretty high ceiling. He could get you in that twenty point range. So we'll see if that might be good for Danny? Yeah. Actually that might be really good for Danny? I was trying to get for some reason. I thought I was trying to get John Brown earlier in the year, and Danny beat me to him. I think I wanted to somebody else before that Barry very earlier in the year. And I think the very next week. He scored twenty seven points on like I said one big play. So I really do it this Bill Lindsay man with Royce Freeman out of the way, and he is doing fantastic. Yeah..

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