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It's our latest since i said that i'm not mincing words i'm not backing up one bit you're the greatest player in the world you are numeral ono you big top arguments about you being on a mount rushmore of basketball with kareem in russell and mj all of those things have been said all of those things have been talked about here's my issue everyone knows you great everybody knows you the best but when you came out with that hand wrap laser gentleman like i said if i was on i take in bristol connecticut this one out of came out with with a rat i would have came out with a cast on my hand and it wouldn't have been insult lebron james it would have been the highlight how insulting he is intelligence because it's clear what he was doing he was separating himself from the rest of his teammates he was saying it was them not me plus look what i had to deal with that was his objective there's no way around it it was gratuitous at best and that's the big conned that's on him that absolutely positively is on him you don't have the cast after game one game to a game three but right after you get swept now we see this hand injury you're insulting i intelligence trying to control the narrative that's what he did that's what happened and there is no way around that period i'd say he has been edited seven to nine three seven seven six i knew my man caulton and tampa will call eventually i couldn't wait to get to them what's up buddy how are you.

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