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They began police did not report any overnight incidents T. M. J. force Ryan Jenkins is in downtown with more in the ever evolving protest movement on the major concern was once again reckless driving in Milwaukee police were seen using stop sticks to trying and dangerous driving near fifty first in Silver Spring overnight this week we've learned that two police officers and one civilian were hit by cars due to civil unrest there have also been other reports of reckless driving crashes resulting in arrests deaths and injuries in the past week the peaceful protesters here in Milwaukee are worried that all of the overnight unrest rather is overshadowing the masses they've been marching to get across there are more protests set for this afternoon lawyers for some of the officers charged in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis giving hints about their defense may be this is the fireman there are indications that two of the three officers charged with aiding and abetting could be turning on Derek Jarman the officer who placed his knee on George Floyd snack the two were newcomers and had little experience as full time officers in court yesterday lawyers for the two seem to be blaming children for what took place overall gray represents one of the rookie cops Thomas lane he says his client expressed concern about George Floyd waiting officer should we rolled over twice the third officer charged with aiding and abetting appears to be cooperating with prosecutors a lucky city hall leaders want to probe into how police and pro protesters have been interacting over the last few days most of the common council calling on the fire and police commission to look into one incident in particular an officer allegedly kneeling on someone's head and neck and during an arrest the short cell phone video is on social media mayor Barrett wants a review of how police and demonstrators that along and during the two weeks worth of protests that were largely peaceful the exceptions to confrontations Tuesday during which officers tried to keep groups from going on to downtown freeways Wisconsin's morning news sponsored by St John's northwestern military academy leadership lives here coming up removing a monument to the confederacy WTMJ news time seven thirty.

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