Admiral Michael M. Gilday Defends Racist Critical Race Theory for U.S. Navy


Admiral Department of Defense undertook the stand down because they understand that extremism detracts from military readiness. So if sailors except Candies argument that America and the United States Navy are fundamentally racist. As you've encouraged them to do. Do you expect that to increase or decrease morale and cohesion or even recruiting into the United States? Navy? I do know this. Our strength is in our diverse Nobody said our strength is in our diversity You smell If our strength is in our diversity, Why are you proposing racist reading material? For our Navy. Candy. This is amazing. Kenny doesn't believe our strength is in our diversity. This is Marxism. They don't believe in diversity of thought. Diversity of anything If you disagree with them, whatever your race. Here is the enemy. He doesn't believe in diversity. In fact, as I've explained before it as well discuss much greater length in about three weeks. They reject Martin Luther King. They reject the civil rights movement. They reject Brown versus Board of Education. That's what Derek Bell taught. One of the more modern So called icons of critical race theory. And this admiral is pushing this pushing it.

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