Cindy Crawford Opens Up About Leaving Revlon to Start Her Own Brand

Fat Mascara


Had been with revlon for seventeen years and my contract was getting ready to be renewed and i did have that moment of life. Okay like i kind of think. It's time for me to do my own thing and i think having success of my exercise video gave me the confidence to feel like i can do my own thing and then really it was. I had this relationship with dr saba that another makeup artist friend of mine. Fran cooper sent me to dr sabella. When i was twenty eight when i was imperative. You gotta see this guy. Does this slight mess of mesotherapy in like a vitamin cocktail. He called it. And i just develop this relationship with him and i and he you know he was like my skin guy my skin guru and i would tease him like. Can't you just bottle this stuff. Just deposits like mesotherapy disbar listeners. Can you just get expel in crayon for everyone okay. So that he's the only person who's ever done it to me. And i have never had it before But it looks like a squirt gun but actually has like a little needle in it and so he likes makes these like tiny almost like rating your skin. Okay man his vitamin cocktail which included the special s. O d which is from a melon special melon. At the france Was in was in that. And and it's funny because the first time he did it to me. I actually was getting married like five days later. Random wage and my skin. I like like my skin came alive. I didn't even. i didn't even know that. Looked tired until he got done. And then i was like wow it's so like glory and bouncy and all those things i mean i was twenty eight so bad skin. Day twenty eight is a good skid day. But i just i really thing i really loved about dr shabazz. He loves women. He doesn't want women to have to hide behind makeup. He wants you to feel comfortable in your skin. So he's all about like how do you know. How do we take care of your skin. And so the and so he's like the first thing he does. I think he would do is like he touches it pinches it he pulls on it and he wants you to feel good on your

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