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I appreciate it. You got it you to that was met. Cardona island native prowrestler Said at the beginning you could see him on impact wrestling. You can hear him on. The major wrestling figure podcasts. As as it turns out as he said there is a market for podcasts about collectibles. Because you have those true fans who will will engage on that. I'd never thought valley i. I'm a collector of things myself. But i never would have thought like okay. I can go in and talk about those things. i figured. That was just something that i did for fun and i have. I have all this cool stuff but nobody else cares. Apparently you you can find that by negative of people who do so for. We go to break. Get a few minutes for that. Today's and funding i. I i always like this day because today. Today's hockey day in america and anybody listening to this show knows i love hockey. And it's something that i've been watching for a long time. I still remember the first hockey ever went to. And if my my mom's listening right now of course he's going to know the exact date. October twenty fifth nineteen ninety six the nassau coliseum new york islanders for san jose sharks. The islanders were still wearing those hideous fishermen jerseys. I don't care what anybody says that they like them. Now know they're still ugly and they need to lee stuffed in a closet forever. Hockey a everybody. Everybody thinks hockey. Think of you think. Canada you think of all of all those great canadian teams won all those championships. All the great cave players wayne gretzky. Bobby orr gordie howe mark messier. So it's cool when you know the. Us has their hockey day. In america and nbc plays all plays four games in the night and every game they focus on the american born players on the teams so like hockey is not is not hockey is not on the level of basketball or football here in the states. And that's unfortunate because hockey's a great support. It's poetry in motion. everything they do they. You know everything you've got to think of. You know where. I gotta get the puck to shoot it. Pass it find my spot. And i got on skates. I can't skate so i am. I'm jealous of these guys. Because they can they make it look so effortless. I watch. i was watching the rain game yesterday. And adam fox scores a breakaway goal. And they said he got up to twenty two miles an hour. And i've just i'm thinking myself. You got to twenty two miles an hour on skates. i couldn't even get a twenty two mile an hour running. And you're doing that on skates on. That are really really thin. That's just impressive. I i give hockey players a ton of credit because most people couldn't do that if they tried or even with some training. You might be able to skate enough all over. But you're not going that fast and doing that. I will always tell people when when they say they don't watch hockey. I always tell them that you should. It's it's a great game..

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