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Interestingly it accepted to feed on beef from west quirky kitchen and we handed termites at on the compound for its dna every day after a few days against trend in released each we are so happy to see it flap it swings and fly of gracefully and that experience tuesday where we looked at birds we went on to actually make a magazine and we call it the hook magazine and these was none of these but that we had helped within our own highschool those experiences in high school made me the conservationist i am today and a passion for buzz she'll especially matter of africa in our laugh accounts because among all other continents africa host some of the most amazing bud species you can find anywhere in the wild imagine having a name lake should be that's the name of that but and they are countries like dr congo tanzania uganda and kenya who are leading the continent in highest numbers of diversity when it comes to this species this birds continued to provide the continent with very crucial ecosystems services that africa needs moreover there is huge potential for africa to lead the wild in the tourism they corner me will definitely benefits imagine how many communities will benefit from groups of tourists visiting the villages just to see the endemic but that can only be found in those villages how can we held buds together there is now a chance for all of you to tania passion for buds into contributing to their continued survival and you can do that by becoming a citizen scientists.

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