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Siegelman was arising progressive star in the democratic party. In two thousand to you. You're coming to the end of the first term as governor of alabama. You had already been attorney. General secretary of state lieutenant governor and governor only the only person to have held all four of those offices in alabama. You were running for reelection and you were considered to be a great prospect for the democratic presidential nomination. Going forward you were. You're the guy. I mean to win in alabama and i don't think there's been a democrat who's one state office. Since you left. I could be wrong. But i i don't doug jones right so and then they went after you you were targeted and it. And if you wanna tell the reader's digest version of the story for those who may not know what was done to you can do about show that was targeted from the bush white house. I was getting ready to launch a campaign. Against george w bush karl rove and his second lieutenant woman named kidding mccullough cain alabama state here throughout the campaign. She was one who was given credit by the state republican party for finding the votes necessary to swing the election to my opponent The election was illegally certified call robes client the state attorney general There was an influx of some twenty million dollars from the indian casinos mississippi by way of jock. Abramov ralph reed to call rose college buddies and so you know colorado singer prints were all over. The case have sworn testimony that he was involved in it. S the department of justice to presumably. I was brought to trial Thirty days before My reelection by the wife who is a us attorney whose husband was running my opponent's campaign. Us husband was running my opponent's campaign. I was brought to trial thirty days before my reelection in two thousand and six. So that's a thumbnail sketch my book. I'm excited about this and the goal has just. I'm not talking about the audio present right. Just finish the audio version reason. Why took me so long is because our listeners. To hear at bob boys not a hard gun. Come on and so. I'm really excited about that. So it is now available like through audible and the other places where you get audio books. So it is called Stealing our democracy. How the political assassination. A governor threatens our nation This this the original print copy. I devoured in about a day and a half. And i couldn't put it down and it so upset me and really and i go back and i think about what was done to you and how long you spent in prison. How long were you in prison. I was i was sentenced. Sadie eight months of ultimately served five years Came out with a new in criminal. Justice reform play this before our time runs out. I am pleased that we're moving forward with this. George floyd act to justice reform. But the waiter fix this. we've got. We've got to allow a lawyer for the families of victims of excessive use of force by police. A lawyer to be in the grand jury as because prosecutors present can knowingly and willingly present false evidence or testimony or withhold exculpatory evidence. There is no guarantee that any grand jury where a policeman is the target of the grand jury that the prosecutor is going to present bodycam video for example. They don't have to present the all the way they can present whatever evidence they want so we need a lawyer for the family in the grand jury. That's a great point. Because we've learned after the fact that the grand jury who heard the case about the the murder of brianna taylor in louisville kentucky they were never presented with any any prosecutorial information about the cops who actually killed her the only ones they heard any any evidence about was the cop who fired a bullet into the apartment next door and there was a charge filed there for like reckless endangerment or something but nothing about the cops who killed brianna taylor and then later we found out because they were never even presented any anything to to bring them up on charges so with if brianna taylor's family had a representative in the room. This would've that couldn't have happened. Is that what you're saying that we brought to light. Let me mention one other thing that most of your listeners probably not going to know and that is in grand. Juries one questions who the grand jurors are looking all for example they could all have been related to members of the police department and brianna taylor's guy so they have been members of the klu klux klan for that matter. No one no one for dyers like they do in a civil or criminal trial. The jurors racially balanced or that. They're not prejudiced in some way. Or another wow. I did not know that. So thank you for letting us know. So yes there are so many things that need to be fixed and you know obviously right. Now we're talking about a seems like an epidemic where people of color mostly black men but women and in some cases like we just saw video of an seventy three year old eighty pound white woman. Who was brutalized by police in loveland colorado police need to. I think they all need to be fired. Trained and rehired the ones who are worthy of the job. I think too many of them are there high on the power something that they have give. They've been given authority that they do have not earned and they don't deserve well. We have a better better policing better policies more better laws and we've got elect politicians who care and want to make a difference and i think we have in joe bud you know. I think that people were after trump. Were looking for someone who was both the civil and coast to as a role model for our kids. Someone who respected the rights of women someone who understood the importance of free press someone sense of history and someone who is going to pursue justice and that was Equal justice social justice racial justice environmental justice and criminal justice reform. And we've got that now in joe biden and kamala harris. I think so too. And i think we're on the right track. I'm happy with it. But i still you know i was. I was heartened to see. Today that the feds went into raid rudy giuliani's apartment and place of business and they also went after went to victoria..

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