Kanye West and Irina Shayk Spotted Together in Provence

Daily Pop


So yesterday was connie's birthday and he spent it in france. I would spend it there too. If i could but it was who he was spotted with that has everyone talking. It is supermodel arena. Shake the two. Were just walking around with a group of friends and they appeared very comfortable with each other in these photos were told they were looking at art and connie took pictures of arena. So when you look at these photos okay. They don't exactly prove that they're like hot and heavy with each other or that. They're a new couple but it has to make you wonder if you're going away to france to provence is actually where they are with somebody. That is as hot as arena cut. It could be something going on there. What do you think she's too hot to just be hanging out with like nobody hangs out with arena. Shake their in love with her and lake. Want to bury her. It's look at and it's there in france. it's it's a romantic there as vaunt. it's his birthday. It's like if i'm kim. I'm like out she. She has to get there unless she lives. In france to get on the plane on the train or something the bow and get there that is taking effort and when you take upper we know he doesn't live in france

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