A highlight from Ben Bennett of The Center: I disagree that the market is saturated


Thank you so much for having me. Ben i have to say i've followed your work for a number of years and you know i feel like i've been so intrigued by obviously you're creative ambitions what you did hatch beauty your own creative firm and it's been a while actually since i've had the chance to talk to you although i was like hunting you down via emails and friends so i would love to just hear a little bit about kind of how you got started and beauty and what made you find the space interesting and intriguing. Goodness It's a long story. I'm trying to make sure. I've been in the industry for a long time I started my career in the mid nineties actually in the apparel industry and young creative person who thought that i was going to be a fashion designer I was born and raised in ohio and As you may know some folks may know. The limited brands is based in columbus. Ohio and Limited and especially in the mid nineties was a very big force in retail and and specialty apparel And if you lived in ohio you're very aware of the presence of that business there. I was really fortunate Right out of school to get. what was i think. A lot of people thought was a dream job which was Working with a really renowned fashion director there who was really known as a cool hunter and trend forecaster And you know he took me under his wing and really became my mentor. I don't know if he considers himself mentor. But i do and Betty who is this. Who are you talking about. His name is jamie

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