A highlight from BOX336: Liquid Plague Breakfast


What follows may not be suitable for all audiences listener. Discretion is advised. The world is full of stories. Stories of mysteries of curiosities jew in through gilligan. Tov for the strange. The the unexpected has moved the bid and porsche. Sleep you inside the box oddities so i think this deserves some explanation. Hosted picture of you are patriotic with a ghost band-aid on your forehead with an alert. Your boo boo boo ville. Yeah should have been a boo boo boo. though shouldn't it or maybe with the ghosting. It could have been a boo boo boo. Boo boo boo boo boo. Boo cubed. Whatever we've had a lot of people reaching out wanting to know what that was all about. I love the i guess was did you get your head on something because that seems like something you would do. It absolutely does I had I had a little bump on my forehead and i went to the dermatologist. To have it checked out and so they buy apps heated. I guess the the thought is that it's just. It's just a little bit of skin cancer. no big deal Results aren't in and they said if that's what it is it's one of the most common forms again breezy to take care of real easy to deal with so make sure to wear sunscreen. Yeah it's a good reminder for us all but i'm glad you're going to be okay and thank you to everyone who reached out. It's really very nice. Nowhere is although with that pun. I wouldn't have been surprised if they all canceled their memberships. That's fair that's fair. So what What have i got. What he you have for me quote. It is to true in here. They all are lying dead. Five swollen bodies lashed on their backs mangled with ghastly wounds and clotted with gore where lying conspicuously visible beneath with the lower extremities of two others projecting from their mates cabin. These are the words of william scores. Be junior arctic explorer scientists. In anglican minister. The quote comes from his memoir which he wrote memoir meme law memoir that he wrote in eighteen. Thirty five called memorials of the c- he was describing what he discovered one bright sunny june twenty-sixth morning in eighteen twenty eight. He was on a small boat He and his brother in law. They were being ferried across cork harbour cork. Yes yeah. we're my people from all that's right. He was jarred from his thoughts. When another passenger pointed out what looked like an unremarkable brig anchored in the distance. The man said he had heard that the crew of that ship had all been murdered. He believed that that was the ship. The exact ship over again. I don't know what that is. That game that i just finished playing i had to figure out why all the people in the boat died. No but maybe it was based on that all of the passengers on board the ferry decided they wanted to go investigate to except one woman so they took her and they dropped her off and then they all went to this brig anchored in the harbour. Can you imagine being the one person who's like no. I'm not interested in that. Originally we gotta drop offers so they get to the ship. Scores be along with others made the grisly discovery. The officer in charge of the ship for some strange reason. Just let them all on board a bunch of sightseers in a commercial ferry. And we're like. Hey this is not really on the list of potential excursions for this cruise but Perhaps you lettuce on board. The thought is because scores be was a minister. He was a man of the cloth and his brother was a magistrate that it would it. Be okay to let everybody on board. That seems sketchy. Is brother-in-law was the first magistrate on the scene. Did they pay to get on board. There was no fee no was included in their fair. Apparently scores be was captivated by what had happened and over the following weeks. He interviewed the survivors of this tragedy and then followed the ensuing trial and even began. What became a years long correspondence with the murderer himself whereas what happened in the winter of eighteen. Twenty seven the brig. Mary russell sailed from cork county to barbados. The commanding officer was captain william stewart. Very handsome man. Fifty three years old at a shock of red hair. When they arrived in barbados they offloaded their cargo of mules. And then would they loaded back up with sugar and animal hides. That was kind of the thing they did. They would bring stuff over and take stuff back so. They're preparing the mary russell for her voyage home while they were in. They encountered a captain.

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