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Glenn consented to sing a few songs for us tonight. Will be will be the future's not always to see k set off. Good afternoon. I'm Pat Thurston. I am delighted that Chris Hernandez began the program with case era by door stay who passed away any took it from the movie the man who knew too much later on in the program. We'll talk a little bit about Doris day that was my favorite movie that she appeared in Alfred Hitchcock, of course. And she sang that song famously there right now. However, I wanna talk about an issue of great importance. I would hope to all Americans certainly to American women. You see there's a war on women's reproductive rights. There is a war on women's reproductive rights. Let's be clear. That's how serious this is. It is happening across the country, and whether the Scotus the supreme court of the United States is going to stand up for the backward. States who are enacting these crazy crazy laws or stand up for medical issues being non-political and being best. Handle between doctor and patient. We do not yet know. So how bad is it? We have joining us right now. Tony van pelt? She is the president of the national organization for women. Tony. Thank you so much for joining us today. Well, thank you so much for having me on the show. And thank you for talking about. How outrageous this all is insane? And it's driving the absolutely crazy that this seems to be pursuing a continuing the way that it is. And it seems like there's not nearly enough backlash that's taking place. So you tell me how bad do you think? This is right now. I think this is bad as it's ever been. I think that with the person that we have in the White House giving them permission to be just as angry and his outspokenness they that they are with the -pointment of taverna to the supreme court. And we know we know that talk like this really incites people who are maybe not all there to take horrific action and the people I'm referring to right now are the men that are in the state legislatures. That are saying these outrageous things on the floor and passing these horrible bills. I saw one woman last night. I can't remember which program. It was on. I might have been John Oliver show. There was some, you know, really dumb woman who was standing on the floor talking about what was it a baby fetus, she she called it. The baby's name is fetus and baby. Fetus is saying. I mean, it was one of the craziest things that I've seen in a long time. Let's go to what they're enacting right now are fetal heartbeat restrictions on abortion. So that when you can detect a fetal heartbeat. I mean, we're still talking about embryos. We're talking about a heart. That's not even a developed yet that all the chamber far haven't been developed explain to us, which states have done this and the fallacy of those laws and the impact it's having on women or it will have on women. Well, we know that the states that are doing this off the top of my head. I know Alabama and Louisiana and Georgia Georgia's really bad and Florida's on its way to doing something like this. But we know first of all these these bills are unconstitutional, and we know that the reason that they're doing this is because they want to get a case before this supreme court, and these these bills are not going to be the ones there about twenty bills that are ready from the past that are working their way up through the court system that will probably do this. But the outrageous statements and tenu, I mean, I even heard in Georgia one legislator, this is about two or three years ago. So I do want to point out that to a certain extent, this none of this is new this has been ongoing for ever since Roe versus Wade has been and added. But who said that even if the fetus was dead and a woman that we should. Allow that woman to have have it removed because after all they don't do that for picks on the farm. God. Horrible horrible dehumanizing language that don't treat women as if they're people. I it's I just don't understand. But I do think that I have to be honest with you. I think a lot of this comes from a religious leaders that these women and men get into those places those religious places, and they hear those religious leaders leading the columnists leading the charge on this. And that's who Trump is using they're going to those national prayer breakfast. And they are inciting this call for violence against women. And of course, he also stated even during his campaign as certainly during his presidency. The that is the litmus test for him what he's looking for nominees to the court. He's looking for people who are anti choice, you know, and they like to say, you know, they don't want people who are pro abortion. But I don't know anybody who is pro abortion. We are pro reproductive rights, and we want people to. Keep the hell out of it. Because this is a matter between the woman and her doctor, and that's one of the most offensive things. This is the also the do I want to say the infantilism nation of women. It's like treating us as if we make our own decisions module, really in an informed way. And the way that's best for us and our health and our lives as we proceed. They want to be the ones who make the decisions for us. Exactly and treating women as the second class citizens that they want to keep us. That's why these same people are also against the equal rights amendment for women to elevate women. We know women are equal, but we don't have equal constitutional legal rights in this country. And that's one of the reasons that's another way that they keep us down. And that is another thing about the religious radicals is that they want women to be in submission. They want women to be treated as if they're children is if we can't make our own decisions, right? And we. Don't have the right now just to our well-being in our health. But the right to be happy in our lives. That's really important. I think that that gets lost. We have every right to pursue happiness in our life. Yeah. Well, the, and that's evidenced, of course, by the promise keepers, and what they were all about is the man has to be the head of the household, and blah, blah, blah. And it's you know, this is like to ruin formed. Well, you know, I've been living through this for a while too. And I remember row, you know, when ro was I made law the law of the land. And that's something I think people a lot of people a lot of women today. I don't think they realize what it was like pre row, and that's what we're going back to because it's not just these laws already access to health services for women has been diminishing the war that's been going on against Planned Parenthood because they do help women to to get abortions. If that's what they have chosen to do to terminate a pregnancy. So they we've had award there. But also just the access how many clinics are they're available in some of these southern states that will perform this procedure. I understand that even in medical schools, at least some medical schools, they've stopped teaching doctors how to safely perform an abortion, and this is because they've been intimidated. They've been intimidated. Imitated by violence. They've been intimidated by politics. It's absolutely a horrific situation right now. It really is. And I think something else. Well, two things one is that we're talking right at the moment about abortion, the war on women with abortion, and as you well know that goes back to the war on birth control that is really out there and hand in hand with or on abortion. And then you go back even further to these are the very same people who are against sex education, science based sex education. So across the board they are opposed to women's reproductive health care, and the other thing that I want to bring up and that it's very very stealth movement in this country is that the Catholic bishops are taking over the healthcare systems of our counties in our states, and it is much more prevalent than than people realize, and they got in my community. I'm from Florida. They have formed what they're calling. They call it the bay care healthcare alliance. And so they get these hospitals east. Doctors practices. These these clinics to sign on with them. So that they can buy products for less money, but they make them sign the bishops directives and the bishops directive say that they can't prescribe birth control. They can't even inform on abortion and so on and so when people and then and they don't change. Here's the other thing. They don't change the names of the hospitals in my community. There's a longtime hospital with a good reputation called Morton plant. They didn't change that name. So people don't know the Catholics are insurance there, and the even even as agree GIS is they don't recognize people's and of life wishes. And I think that once the public really understands this that there will be a backlash. That's why I'm so grateful that you have is on the show in your talking about this and educating on this topic. It's so important. Yeah. I, you know, I think that's one of the the most harmful things to us is when people don't know what's going on. They don't know who's making decisions the decisions that are going to impact our lives. You know, I think that one of the problems we have is insurance health insurance just health insurance. I don't think it should exist. You know, if we got to a point of universal health care eliminating insurance companies and then being tied to employers. A lot of the issues are going to go away because that's another way that they are controlling women's access to health care because if you work for an employer who is a wholly Roland right winger. They don't want your insurance coverage, which is going to go through your. Or employer? They want to allow make that insurance company deny you coverage for things like a contraceptives and thoroughly abortions and at the same time that they're paying for Viagra for men. Exactly everything time. Right. So this is utterly sexist. What is going on? And you said earlier you mentioned, and you've also talked about this in relationship to the Catholic bishops controlling so much of our healthcare. Religion is not just the Catholics anymore. And I and I am baptized Kennedy. I'm a Catholic. Also, these Evan Jellico is now the Protestants the evangelical Protestants they also made this their top issue or one of their top issues. I'm this religious objection to abortion. That's fine. If your religion tells you that you should not have an abortion fine, don't have an abortion. But for you to deny it to other people that seems as if you're crossing a line that is a constitutional line, but I don't have faith anymore that the supreme court is going to stand up for a secular United States of America. Boy, I couldn't agree with you more. I mean, it's really scary. What's going on? And again, we, you know, I think that the most important thing that we can do is to elect more women to state legislators put more women in office because women have a different point of view a race in a different way..

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