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What learn more at male Tim Dot Com imagine you're a Norwegian commando. It's January nineteen forty three and you've been stuck for weeks in a flimsy shack on the plateau near the homework heavy-water plant whose turns its take out the garbage Peter's but he's hunting Jeez. He goes hunting every day. We need food but he never bags anything then he comes back so famished that he eats more than his fair share. At least he's trying way way who passed up that wall who scrounged up would that extra fire on Christmas cheese fire again. That was two weeks ago. What are you doing to help? I am doing plenty. Your plenty sure looks like nothing to me. Arguments like this <unk> are becoming alarmingly common your stir crazy and this unheeded shack. The British are supposedly sending more commandos in for another attempt on the heavy-water plant but you're worried y'all kill each other before the Nazis even get a chance. Sometimes these arguments turned violent but today too weak to fight instead you stop over to the other side of the cabin all ten feet away there you flip on the radio. That's for emergencies idiot going to hell the music Susan Yeah but how many more nights can take suddenly there's a pounding on the door. You all look at each other. Wary you grab a gun and creep over to peer through a crack in the door peter wrench the door open. He's covered in blood. It looks ready to collapse but behind him you see another shape also covered in blood and for it's a reindeer. I knew you'd come through Peter. Peter got a reindeer inside. Did you bundle Peter up and socks and sweaters and soon catalysts simmering with Stu soups on everyone. What as the cook swings the heavy cast iron kettle off the hearth is weakened arms can't hold it he staggers and spills? What's the STU all over the dirt floor you all stare and horror without a word all of you drop your knees and start slurping? They're saying crunching your teeth grit on your tongue but you don't care. It's the best meal you've ever had. You WanNA shape the Brosseau dirt into mud pies and eat those two suddenly a fellow commando sits up and throws a finger into the air. Excuse me waiter. There's a hair in my soup which we call four view collapse laughing you keep trying to eat though and spend the next ten minutes choking and coughing and giggling and swallowing. You fleetingly wonder if this is what it feels like to lose your mind so the starving commandos Norway were the same troops who've been flashing red lights to form an l. on the night of the ill-fated Operation Freshman mission three months earlier afterward they were stranded at the remote post for months all Christmas and all through the bleak dark month of January but no matter how desperate things got the allies insisted they stay put operation gun or side was coming operation gun or side was essentially a replay of operation freshman a team of commandos with trek through the snow break into the heavy-water plant and blow the equipment to smithereens the big difference was that instead of thirty four troops there would be only ten a leaner and meaner force after several months of training and delays the gun or side crew finally only parachuted into Norway in February and Ron viewed with a stir crazy ground crew the Norwegians were delighted to get fresh food. He spent several days gorging on the raisins and chocolate the parachuters brought then after a few days rest they slipped on white snow suits and set out to cripple the heavy-water plant and avenge the deaths of their slain colleagues. They were discovered immediately but by four teenagers two boys in two girls had snuck out to some cabins nearby for a romantic rendezvous and they stumbled stumbled right into the heavily armed gun side crew thankfully for the teens one of the commandos was a local and recognize them. He grounded into lock themselves into one of the cabins not come out for twenty four hours or else. The terrified eighteen obeyed it was a twenty five miles ski to the plant before long commanders could hear the roar of the waterfall the powered by more and soon as they came into a forest clearing they saw the building itself plant that had been dominating their minds for months. What's it was eight stories tall.

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