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Com You're listening to all things considered on 90.1 W ABE Atlanta where ETL meets NPR Clear skies in our weather forecast for tonight with overnight lows in the mid 40s tomorrow and Wednesday sunny skies both days with highs in the upper 70s It's 5 30 Live from NPR news and Culver City California I'm Duane Brown World leaders are reacting to the death of Colin Powell today who rose to the rank of four star general and became the first black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff He then went on to serve as Secretary of State under the George W. Bush administration Powell was remembered at the State Department today for his leadership patriotism and decency Here's Secretary of State Tony blinken He was a man of ideas but he wasn't ideological He was constantly listening learning adapting He could admit mistakes It was just another example of his integrity Powell ultimately regretted his role in helping the Bush administration make the case for war in Iraq A Republican he endorsed Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 Paul died of complications related to COVID-19 he was fully vaccinated but he also had Parkinson's disease and had been treated for a blood cancer that compromises the immune system The Justice Department is formally asked the Supreme Court to block the Texas law aimed at preventing almost all abortions in the state the court's conservative majority previously refused to intervene as we hear from NPR's Nina totenberg In its brief the Biden administration told the court that Texas law defies a half century of precedents and puts a system of private bounties on the heads of any one who aids and abets in abortion after the first 6 weeks of pregnancy a period so early that many women don't even know they're pregnant This system the government said is designed to thwart review by the court and it has made abortion effectively unavailable in Texas effectively nullifying the Supreme Court's previous decisions within the state's borders Nina totenberg NPR news Washington Stocks finished mostly mixed on Wall Street the Dow lost 36 points The tech heavy NASDAQ added 124 points This is NPR From W ABE news in Atlanta I'm Emile Moffat It's 5 32 Jury selection is underway in Brunswick Georgia on day one of the murder trial of the three men accused of killing ahmaud Arbery W a bees Lisa Hagan is there This afternoon lawyers have started questioning the first batch of a thousand potential jurors summoned for the case Much of the morning was spent reviewing which questions those lawyers can ask Outside the courtroom about a hundred demonstrators are gathered in support of Arbery's family His father Marcus Arbery senior spoke briefly before heading inside You know we got kids grandchildren all that stuff we got the world idea on the future And I'm scared It can't be going for a run fair for their life 25 year old ahmaud.

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