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Another sixty one sixty two days think about how long seventeen eighteen days has been add optimistically sixty more on that again I'm not trying to pressure here or myself I'm just saying it's best and you try to figure things out I think you know most people are either watching things reading more I'll tell you what I need to do more I got to go out get myself a couple more books number one because I'm either watching too much TV I'm on my phone too much for sure and and I'm somewhat and again I'm lucky in the sense then I'm still working which means I'm still doing a lot of like prep work for for my radio shows for my class that I teach you know I I I feel for people who are just straight up stuck in the house and when what that adjustment must be like it it's got to be tough but all you can hope for is you spend a little bit more quality time with your family and then when you come out on the other side of this when we do and we will when that happens you have a better appreciation for pretty much everything in life I think it's all you can hope for two one five five nine two nine four nine four we'll get an update from John and we'll come back and we'll go roll into our final segment of the program the five hours of power rolling to its final segment and we get time to get you end two one five five nine two nine four nine four I'm rob Ellis W. or it's time is nine forty one.

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