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Could trust them to give him a non guaranteed contracts how would you trust them to give him a guaranteed contract with all his off the field here's the point flyers and the quarterback position is the one that we agreed with would be the position where they would get the guaranteed money players may want to guaranteed money and they may want the guaranteed the contract fully guaranteed just because they want it doesn't mean it's going to happen and if we just went through the number one position in the national football league and the number one position all sports and a quarterback and we were struggling to come up with names that will get the guaranteed money yeah maybe this a conversation to have another five or six years when you have all these younger guys we know what they are coming off of their rookie deal however the one thing that i'm really inclined to see and i know we're up against the break is a full wide receiver somehow someway their agent is able to get them a guaranteed deal and i still think it's a long shot but you never know and the negotiation game if a team that is not very good is trying to get good maybe they try to lure away at top talent for someone in their division by potentially offering that guaranteed contract but once you do that he wrote it up pandora's box for the rest of the national football league in the players forget pandora's box you're opening up your team to world hurt because of you're paying a wide receiver for that kind of money and he tears his acl you ain't gonna have money for quarterback at two but we'll see what the salary cap is that's the resolution to this increased salary cap and these players will get some more shackles eight five five two one two four cbs how about the direction the nfl is possibly moving in with the possibility of guaranteed deals do you think it will happen i don't think you're gonna see it in a great number we'll take a timeout it's zach yelp show cbs sports radio mine number two does not look like a number two i don't know what to call it is there a number three table for four please anything close to the restroom middle seat with these stomach problems that's my fear of flying sound like you if it does you could be one.

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