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Look at the whole subject of the strange and the paranormal. The television series Hunters based on his alien hunter novels, is appearing on the Sci Fi Channel. And what Lee's latest alien hunter novel, Alien Hunter. The White House was published back in April of 2016 a year ago. And here he is back on coast to coast. Whitley. Strieber Whitley, my friend. How are you? Well, I'm just fine. And I'm glad to be here. George. Uh, it's exciting as a lot happening. Oh, my God lately, boy. What happened yesterday. I guess with Tom DeLong was really something you know. Finally we have a situation where Some people with real knowledge have spoken out and into some people. Would Li that did not hear that announcement. Tom's along the Iraq star from Blink 18 to his, uh, he's put together a new company to investigate the paranormal, but he has brought forth A member of the CIA who has been responsible for UFO files. Their amazing story and more than that. There are a number of people they're all of them. Really experts in in different areas of some of them. I've known for a long time and They're the real deal. I mean, I won't say that. I'm an insider. I don't have a security clearance. And therefore while I know them, uh, I can't say that I know what they do. I wish I did, but, uh, for A Department of defense specialist in aerial threats. To stand up and publicly say Essentially that UFOs are real. Is a major change. And it's interesting to me that one of these men had just retired like the day before. That's right, and they're all very recently. Left their positions in the government and I I really wondered as I listened and watched what was behind that because And I think there's a Clue. I was at speaking at contact in the desert last spring. Yes, you were. Yep. And I listen to Jacques Valet's amazing presentation. Folks and If you weren't there it got it should have gotten a lot of press. Of course, it got none because this is a subject that is become Weirdly to boo. I mean, here it is probably one of the most important things that's happening and it's completely taboo. You know, we always used to say well What about Something like an ice a topic ratio. It wasn't from Earth and we had some material that was like that. That would mean the skeptics would have to face the fact that there was something going on. So here comes valet. He proceeds to present materials, some of them way back from the arts parts days. Which have not only got ice a topic ratios that aren't of this earth. As he says. There's no place in the universe as we understand it that they could have come from and there they are. And Uh, that tells me and what we what does say He also says that we've been working on these for 70 years and we've made no progress. And it's time to take this out into the Outside of the behind the wall of classification and start to let more scientists look at it. It's dramatic. This is undoubtedly part of that because these guys are all involved in one way or another in the material science or propulsion or UFO sightings and tracks and things like that. In other words, there's nothing to do there with close encounter. Witnesses are abductees. It's all the hardware And I think it's what we're seeing. Here is the hardware guys are basically saying We can't figure this out. We need help. We need the rest of the scientific community. Start taking this series. Look at this. But will they is? Rejection of this so ingrained It's not even experts on that level. Will take will will cause them to take a new look at it. If that's true, then something's wrong here, and it's with our minds. Well, how can they deny now with the revelation of this former C I A man. How can they deny that they've been looking testing researching keeping files when this guy comes out and says I was responsible for this? Yeah, I know it. I mean, they've it's real and or look back a few months ago. When Robert Bigelow was on 60 minutes. Yeah. We've talked about. You've talked about that on coast before a lot. I've heard that, but I mean, the man said, Frankly, they're here and not only that he's interacted with. Remember what our friend the late Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, he walked on the moon would always tell us he had sources within government. Who have told him and he says, I have no reason not to believe them that we are being visited. We've been visited there still visiting us. It's real, You know, he may have had as a source the CIA guy for for example, he probably knew all of these men. Yeah. I know a new help. Udolf, who was on that podium, didn't say anything, but he was on the podium and he's a major player, and that's undoubtedly I mean, he's a He's a A very, very advanced physicists. Uh, he works in zero point energy and all kinds of cutting edge areas of physics and He was in the remote viewing military remote viewing project years ago. A days uh, got a high level security clearance. Uh, A number of them had high level. In fact, they all had high level security classes and how these people come out from behind that. I noticed there was Leslie keen to the terrific article about this. We had Leslie on last night for a little bit Whitley talking about Such a good writer, but didn't get picked up by The New York Times by Washington Post. No puffing to post that's about it. I think exactly The Washington Post and The New York Times Have a long tradition of ignoring and the bunking this subject and they are very proud institutions. And now any Sensible. Intelligent reporter at.

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