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In the time is five thirty from kiki weedy news i'm tiffany cam high leaders of california's democratic party are in oakland this weekend for its executive board meeting where the party is expected to dole out endorsements of several candidates and initiatives heading to the november ballot here to give us a preview of the dams weekend agenda is kick the politics and government reporter guy marzorati high guy hey tiffany so what exactly happens at these meetings so as you mentioned it's party leaders it's party delegates and in addition to rallying the base for the november election networking socializing i think the most important thing this weekend is the endorsement process and this is kind of a function of the top two primary that we have in california you know in the past there would be this primary convention that the democrats would have in the winter in which they would endorse candidates for the primary will now you have general elections that also have to democrats so they're gonna have to go through this endorsement process again for a few races in which it's the democrat democrat november and they're also going to have to do that for the ballot measures that twelve currently ballot measures that are headed for number ballot and the big news out this week is the possible endorsement in the us senate race we have two democrats running against each other twenty six year incumbent dianne feinstein and state senator kevin de leon so what does it mean for either of these candidates to have an endorsement from the party well it's interesting that feinstein in advance of this event reached out to delegates and said you know in the interest of party unity would ask that you not endorse anybody now that sounds like a really nice gesture on her part it's also strategic in back in the convention in february daily on got more endorsement votes in her it ended up not making any difference you've finished three points have had head of him in the primary so when feinstein looks at this i think the best case scenario is there is no endorsement you know she's still the heavy favorite to win november for daily own he needs this endorsement a lot more and he and no means is backing down and saying don't doors anyone in in in the spirit of unity he's very much working to get this endorsement this weekend and what it means basically is the party puts out these endorsements and then when you in the fall in september and october get those little male or cards that lists the democratic party slate end their recommendations on who to vote for this is where that gets decided and so for daily own who has such an uphill climb if he's going to knock off senator dianne feinstein something like this getting the official party endorsement means a lot more to him and what are some of the other hot ticket endorsements being looked at well i mentioned the ballot measures i think the big one dividing democrats and that could divide democrats all the way to november is proposition ten so this is basically asking voters to repeal cost a hawkins which is a rent control legislation that banned cities from putting in place new rent control laws so i think you're going to see that this weekend it'll be really interesting to see where delegates land but that division among democrats on rent control it's gonna continue past this weekend's convention and is there anything else on the agenda that we should be looking out for we mentioned kevin daily tonight he's hosting a instead of the regular ice cream social which often happens if these conventions he's having a abolish ice cream social in reference to this issue that a lot of progressive democrats have taken up to get rid of ice and reform the way homeland security deals with immigration i think issues like that you'll you hear democrats debating and talking about where they stand while also try really to form a sense of unity around issues that can carry into november all right thanks guy thank you that was ud politics and government reporter guy marzorati we'll have more coverage of the california democratic party board meeting this weekend i'm tiffany cam high k q e news support for kqed comes.

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