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In my home studio which is so nice to have this built like God goanywhere now that it could go anywhere because it's definitely not essential for me to do this show but I can do this. Show my house just cool and I'm excited. We've got some cool guests coming up In the coming weeks don't really have anyone lined up this week. This is the show that my producer. Amy has been wanting me to do for a little bit and kind of wanted to save this For the book deal that I would sell you know ten twelve years down the line. A memoir of a douchebag but but you know what not give it to iheartradio for the seventeen dollars an hour. They pay me. I mean why not the world is ending. Of course Jeff figure how to do this. And we're GONNA run earlier and also like how do you interview yourself just did the? Ding from my other. Podcast at so funny. I didn't mean to do that. Sarra with the bellwether for different podcast. I interview yourself and not make. It seem so weird and the more I thought about it the more I will 'cause I do a lot of different voices. The cooking wells voice. That do an instagram. Been Doing Jericho James. Which is the country star? I do on my instagram. 'cause I'm bored. I do Carl's voice. Which is my dog. He's a bloodhound. Who GOES WILL GOON? Kinda dopey sounds like what if I just do different voice and that that person interviews me. What voice do and then. I thought I'd just do radio Voice. 'cause radio voice is it's like the thing that everyone asks me about my radio career when they find them a radio. Dj where I was ready. Dj Do I have a radio voice and the answer is yes and no right. You can kind of put it on a little bit. You know how it used to sound. You know it's like that Family episode where Stuey and Brian Galleria show Dingo and baby seven point turn it on and ripped off all right in three two one. This is the lunch hour with your host. Hey what's up co hog from the station that reaches the beaches? You're listening to Dingo and the baby.

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