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There we go. Wrongful tastes good drawn God okay i think. That's enough of the pissed. Slut thank you. So much tyler source. Rex also have to say thanks to d listener. Great from austin for this next clip. Our boy jesse lee. Peterson is back. If you don't know who. Jesse lee peterson is. He's a right wing. Radio show host with a bit of a mush mouth and it appears he's not that bright. He actually says as much in this clip jesse lee is talking to author michael malice and i guess they're talking about the ju- run media and president trump standard stuff. But you can't. But i can't do everything i need to harass someone to do a for before it is apple. I can't. I don't have time to build a strong military grenada degree. Why hope to do that. I don't have a great white hope by the way is what he calls donald trump. Oh by the way jesse lee. Peterson is black. Sometimes that is important because he hates black people strong military. I need a degree. Why hope to do that. I don't want something you pay that you hire that great white hope are these guys just suggesting we privatize the us government. Let's just have corporations run everything really sure that's like the plot to robocop you. Didn't you've got biting. why hope don't you didn't listen if i want someone as a doctor. I take which dr one. If i want a lawyer or a chef or radio host or podcast hosts i take who i want the idea that i gotta go to boost and whoever my neighbors want is got to be stuck with makes knows what the fuck is this guy suggesting as an alternative. Yeah you don't always get what you want because you're living in a country with three hundred million other people that may want something else majority rules. Is he arguing sovereign citizen. He's like this. Democracy is some bull shit. The fact i might get a president that i don't agree with well i guess. Go start your own country. Then and whoever my neighbors want is so i got to be stuck with makes no pit donald trump you get donald trump. You know why why. 'cause democracy is a sham case. I think they're agreeing here. Why did you ask him. Because his daughter converted bonding converted judaism and daughter converted. You say yes. And she's observed more religious than she keeps us shabas. she keeps kosher. She converted to judaism because her husband. Jared kushner is a jew because she married into think i've met. She did the the real way. She went through the ceremony. She went to the process. She she follows the rituals much more than i do. Guy something jared jared kushner's very well. We're no one. Is you converted trump plenty of her own money. Not more than two to never have more money than the jew more. She's a trump's of billionaire billion no-go chop being there. He wasn't yeah but it's it's family money. Come on trump money. Listen one thing about it is that you brought him up again did did he bring up the jews. I think jesse. Lee brought up the jews afraid of germany. They say that jews all the media and everything that true. I think there's a lot of juice who are representative media. But if you look at who owns everything. I don't think it's all universal if you look at the faces. Certainly anderson cooper joy and read Don lemon tucker. Carlson sean hannity. These are not jewish voices. So you said if not true that use own most if not all i've saying it's not true and i would encourage what to do their homework on this issue. I'm glad you because a lot of this stuff. I'm here because i'm indimedia and people think i'm taking side with jew or i'm taking us i with this and i'm blacking slow. I grew up in alabama. I don't know about this mess. Jesus christ that one soundbite sums up. Jesse lee peterson perfectly and it came out of his own goddamn mouth. I'm blanking slow. I grew up in alabama. I don't know about this mess. I'm a bola redraw that was given his own radio. Show if you think that's fucked up people listening to me. Believe in whatever i say should be an assistant. People shouldn't be listening to what i have to say. Listen here boomer. You know how to use a computer. No he didn't say anything about being a boomer lack and dumb. No i know believe me. I know that. Sounds like your data. When it comes to that i am better and he confessed to being burma share reduced here. I don't know what i'm saying. I'm we're audited mason. Amazing there you go. Hey shocking jesse. Lee peterson clip. Let's move on our favorite trans burping. Enthusiast is back not really gave me. Tranny baby fever. I don't know if she still has any baby fever but she does appear to.

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