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Hope you're enjoying your time at the nouns. There's me lows. We'll come back to los now. It's podcast everybody. i'm your host lows. How are we doing so far. What are you doing right now. Let me know. Reach out to me. Like i said earlier in the previous segment. Please reach out via twitter at los lounge or on instagram at lowe's lounge underscore podcast this. How we doing where everyone's energy at are you excited. Everybody finished shopping for christmas. Did everybody finished shopping. i never started. Listen everybody gets all that. Is you know my mom and my dad and my partner. Yes but outside of that. No no no no. I don't i don't know the words all right. Bottom line is the holidays are approaching us. So let's break away from recapping and let's talk about christmas. Cheer shall we. Do you like christmas the holidays. How's your energy right now. Your morale goes down around the season. You know we always talk about mental health and and self care so one of the things that we talk about and and self care or if you're in process is making sure that Morale stays up around the holidays because a lot of people really reflect on maybe loved ones who have passed away or you know negative situations that might have happened to them during the holidays Or they just they miss somebody maybe mom and dad or not there anymore. Maybe someone past. Maybe maybe they're just not doing good overall so sometimes the holidays can be a burden on people not just financially but wait a minute. We have a surprise caller at the lounge. Hello darling your now tuning into losses. Nouns podcast maybe we are live on air. I'm recording. how are you love your.

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