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Jodi Mack on a for our and change for a on his Saturday get together on the fan in for ever and Roberts a nice mix the first couple hours more make calls the Yankee calls because yes the Mets won last night and they are the hottest team in baseball shoot the Yankees at one how many in a row is nine around were prior to last night's game but they did come back down to earth losing to the blue jays and mixed in with the jets and giants calls in that they both got their pre season underway on Thursday night against each other and it's kind of been a funky conversation I'm gonna get jets Pacific gear for a couple of minutes because we're lucky enough to get the management who covers the jets but the Daily News up with us I've been in each I'm good you know you have a yourself plenty to talk about and good catching up with yeah I I'm not gonna I'm a yeah I know time yes you before you came on if you cut the broadcast you were out at the game in the price box so you weren't paying close attention to it but maybe you can answer me a question just about the wars in general because I guess I should probably know this but I don't the jets and giants every year agreed that only one TV broadcast is going to be done of each game when they play yeah hi I don't remember at least in the last like ten years I don't remember doing broadcast that the same market the I I don't know the specifics beyond that but I was a little bit surprised actually with with speaking they have any back that practice earlier in the week and he's going to be doing the jets preseason game design eagle and he told me that he would not be doing this game so that was the first actually found out that the that the of the giants crew is going to take you know take part in that right and I guess the whole answer in arms it is that the I want to make the years Judson broadcasters to a one year any game is shown on NBC which is the jet poured cast or your CBS I got it backwards CBS's Jackson NBC of giant so it was on NBC but it was also on the NFL network they chose that is one of the games that they decided to show and I've been defending Papa and banks today because Jeff Vander up in arms because they did it as a giant broadcast and give you the background information on the players on the Gadsden who's making it tackles on the gets they looked at it from drying colored glasses because that's what they do that's kind of their job so I'm just taken aback by the fact that both of the two teams would agree the alternate until next year giant fans will be all ticked off because the general out of the way and give you all a background information on the jets and emphasize the jets it's the eighty eight will every year you're going to take off wanted to fan bases if you do it this way right yeah I think so that was interesting at least on the surface of the jet stream that game on their website and I am assuming it was that same TV broadcast I don't know it could have been the radio broadcast with the shoes and which is obviously a jet friendly and get specific so look at the first preseason game we can get up in arms over the preseason game thank you no problem they do do you that's the case my brand well Hey you know what all that matters is when the games when it really when it really counts when the bill girl the town next month right and from the jet perspective the most important thing is that same Donna look pretty good marking the team down the field to stick it in the end zone in his first possession and looks like he's already built a pretty good twirling relationship with Crowder on the outside yeah I mean that's something that the we have seen throughout the the spring and more specifically these first few weeks in training camp there that there's an obvious chemistry and part of that is because it inside of Adam gase is up and there is a massively important role for the slot receiver angle back to Denver with Wes Welker obviously Jarvis Landry match for a little bit that condition is so pivotal in this offense he you know in many ways outside the quarterback of course that's like I kind of set the tempo you moving around from side to side both sides formation and really being not only a security blanket for the quarterback but in Crowder gave the guy who can do some damage after the catch and you saw that on the twenty eight yard getting run that'll can be set up that your touchdown if he can stay healthy Jodie this guy is going to be an invaluable piece to Adam gase as possible and I know that gave kinda want to spread the wealth and it's not going to be way beyond bell centric if that could be any one person centric but that's what position is still a little for everything to move at the right pace the right temple and nature he surely in my estimation is gonna how bout them Donald mentally since you were admitted later on Belle Isle go there next Madden get Adam gase isn't gonna tell you or anybody exactly how he's going to usually be on here in a pre season before we get to the regular season would you hazard a gas forest says to when or if we're going to see lay beyond bell here before week one I said repeatedly that you give him a taste in the third preseason game you don't play games the one half plus that the director the starters are likely in a play I think you played a couple theories and I know that the opposing argument is that so he had to get in sync with Donald we have to get it I think perhaps more importantly with the offensive linemen easily that in practice and yes it's different because they're not lie tackling so you do have to factor that in but what I thought was telling an extremely smart by gave the other night the first thing out of his mouth was that he got a lot of touches on his body this is the player with sixteen hundred plus touches on his body I know that he sat out last year bodies refreshed I just taking needless pounding in the pre season it doesn't make any sense and there's an interesting backstory Jody in two thousand and three Steve Mariucci was coaching alliance the starting running back that year was James Stewart and for whatever reason he played James Stewart and the fourth preseason game and I to this day I don't really understand why your broken shoulder separated shoulder after the year you know what I don't want that Detroit Lions gal that year Adam gave they're playing that year in that game the Buffalo Bill the head coach of the Buffalo Bills in that game with great white so both of those guys are fully aware of how silly it would be to expose your you know your friend you know your franchise running back to your you know your work cortical workforce running back to a meaningless game so I would be surprised if he did anything other than you know a few theories in the third preseason game and maybe maybe does get a look see Atlanta next week but I think the smartest course of action is to get him into the game and get it out of the game quickly against the same thing we a little bit of more of the minutia with many share on the fan I tell my government the other night look good catching the ball didn't necessarily look great car taken from the line of scrimmage jets didn't run the ball out of actively at all he's wearing number eighty eight which is a wide receivers number but he's listed as a running back and certainly was handed the ball ball last night what is his role what's with his number the number is because he was a wide receiver coming out of Stanford anyone to wide receiver starting his career with the Packers before Mike McCarthy moved into running back because they had a deal will be interviewed at that position he kind of looked at it at is branded with the identity is a Jack of all trades it's funny because I spoken to about yes his his role in it find his identity this topic and you said that really for the first time there is no identity crisis in this offense he has a good sense of what Adam gase wants to do with them it's interesting that he was signed I want to state I don't know maybe three weeks after that flurry of free agency and he's the perfect player in a vacuum for Adam gase as I said before games like to spread it around he like versatility it's maddening frankly if your fantasy football owner if you might not get that type of statistical production that you want to a particular guy but just in terms of being unpredictable that's what makes an offense dangerous in cases might be always believe that it's a great to have an exceptional talent like lady on bell at your disposal yes but it's equally as important he is mine to have personal pieces like a time Montgomery thank you can you can do so many things you're gonna see Jodie the jets have two running backs that you're gonna see times were Montgomery in the backfield lady on building the flat and vice versa you might even be times within an empty and both of those guys who uses the wide receivers I just like the diversity of this offense on paper and I think that that's why this offense is going to look so much different than what we saw last year the pace the temple the versatility of the pieces that you've had more work to his advantage would you suggest that Montgomery is the guy who benefits most from the fact that the jets will go the first couple games of the season without their best pass catching tight end making the gun ria Crowder you know guys who work in the slot will benefit the most because yeah her name is not specifically a slot option but he will be in the slot plenty of times and they're going to twenty times actually will be lined up outside but the fact that he won't be there for the first four games I think opens the door for specifically god like Montgomery Crowder they're both going to be involved throughout the season but if you're looking for you know a little boost in that first month I think the Montgomery Crowder would be the guy to benefit the most by not having turned in their car one more often to question that they get to the date judge by what you've seen in practice and or what you saw the other night and also well would you believe in Adam gase is op and who do you think a better fit in a gaze offense outside unknown what or Anderson Anderson said that that's an easy one for me and I know that Anderson is working on diversifying its route Treen diversify his portfolio if you will and I've seen evidence of that in camp good luck give bread and butter is is obvious to anyone who watches football this certainly obvious to get fans he will stretch the field he will be but you know a guy who can take.

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