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And as the night were on, eventually, let down their offered our assistance in trying to help locate her. So at this point, the small town is quickly on high alert people are coming out of the woodwork to help search into the night neighbors just rallying I mean what's great is that everyone took this seriously very quickly I can imagine as the sheriff's sergeant the officers are knocking on people's doors and waking them up those people then stay awake and join the search. So it's probably like a snowball through the night. Yeah it is, and because so little crime happens there you know it's not like wh-. Everybody knows everybody will what Lindsay everybody was quick to answer that call But I ask, Melissa like such gut wrenching question. What was that like when it's your daughter vanishes into thin air and suddenly you know it, it had ramped up. So quickly was after the sergeant left my house how garage it was probably eleven thirty I just remember standing there at the end of my driveway and it like hit me. It was like it slapped me in the face I was standing at the foot of my driveway like trying to look in every direction and Trying to think what am I gonNa do where do I? You know? And it just Kinda hit me and I. Standing there with three phones in my hand I had our house phone and my cell phone and her cell phone. And it just hit me like just can't be happening. That was that was what I thought. That was my my. This can't be happening just doesn't happen. By Sunrise and still no Lindsey Grace Harbor Sheriff for Scott says they really started to get worried. So by Saturday morning. Activated. A huge number of searching rescue volunteers aid and searching the area, and we still had ruled out that she was hiding out at a friend's house or something of that nature overnight. But as the day were on and we begin to cameras neighborhood. And Talk to the campaign fees resident had left at about nine thirty. They had home that when we realized there was more to this than her just disappearing she'd left thrown at home. She had no money. She's in years old and had no viable means to stay away for any length of time. So. That's when we learned that she was laughing between fourth and sixth street on Maple going east towards her home. Until those were really the only initial clues that we had were that we knew what time she left their home. We knew that if with a ten minute walk to her home, essentially a straight line. And we had two different people who? Verified that they saw her in that two block period. So they're baffled by her disappearance I can't stop thinking about Lindsay's mom and the fact that she still has a son at home. Yeah is young and autistic. How is she dealing with that and how is he dealing with the fact that his sister is missing and that he just got in a fight with her hours before and also that you know the first people that they look at when these people were looking for her very quickly. But you know the family's always because in most cases, the family and a lot of times when you have a child with special needs. With. Developmental disabilities there's sort of this assumption that they might be involved..

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