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Eighties for the weekend traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news one six nine am seven forty kcbs let's look at some of the current temperatures just for a moment sixty two in san jose livermore sixty one sixty three in redwood city oakland and napa both at sixty sixty two in san rafael and sixty in san francisco it's three twenty cbs news special report stand before you as an emissary of the american people to deliver a message of hope and vision and message of peace president donald trump after signing a joint communique with kim jong own aimed at dismantling north korea's nukes mr trump pledging to suspend joint military exercises with south korea cbs news white house correspondent steven portnoy is in singapore with the president called today a very great moment in a history of the world that the agreement coming out of today's summit here in singapore proves that real change is indeed possibly says denuclearization is going to happen as quickly as mechanically possible but analysts daryl kimball warnings is a major undertaking that is going to take several years at best not yet clear if mr trump on the kind of ironclad agreements he's attacked past us administrations for failing to obtain from north korea high level implementation negotiations begin next week cbs news special report i'm vicki barker no what's happening when this happened breaking news straight ahead san jose fire crews responding to oak grove high school.

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