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She got swept out of there and the next left offer fifty two game the nets won that year they want forty nine the next year and got to the finals in two thousand three but the otas worst they got swept kenya martin was her leading score and then the jason kidd kerry kittles keith jan horn and the canadian pinball master todd mccullough rounded up their starting five that is a crazy one good one yeah and people were i don't know about excited for todd mccullough but they're like this is this is big time he's going to be able to bang with big down there didn't totally play out that way could it be contract i didn't after that yeah yeah all those pinball machine what do you got lee well cats seven okay spice lebron could've aas full they got swept on spos trying to like recently say oh this cavs teams just as bad as maybe the worse lebron teams ever had trying to drive the finals that's bogus compared to that oh seventeen it's not even close allstar somebody went through game by game that oh seven run to the finals this guy scored a lot of points right booby gets yeah booby in the conference finals larry hughes scored a lot was their leading score at times journalist bascus had some games but not the same i mean he's not a kate level star okay anybody any other teams those are the two big ones the ninety nine knicks was weird just because patrick ewing went out and they caught fire but it was the lockout see.

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