What's Causing Your Swarming Summer Allergies


Dr lewis. Can you tell us why allergies or here. Why are people having runny snotty sneezing snorting things happening to them. I don't have a clue. But i can tell you. Some of the root causes in the pray people can figure it out. Yesterday is doing a consultation with katharina. And she's very interesting lady and she was talking about the different immunoglobulins and she's asking some incredibly brilliant questions. she's very very educated and she was talking about the immunoglobulin a g e etc etc. And she says well how come this. How come i said. Let's let's boil it down. Because i'm good at that for example What happens is and we'll talk about all kinds of things coz normally do Most of the time. It's microbiome induced inflammation. That means you have a gut flora. That's not what it should be and it can to a very large degree disrupt your metabolism which can cause weight gain folks if you're five ten pounds overweight or more you have despite houses. Gut inflammation The tendency toward well allergies if nothing else are histamine reactions or asada kane storm and what happens is and she was asking. Well why do we have this The problem is it's normal for the nutrients as you digest to pass through the line of your intestinal wall and that's called epithelium But what happens is we have most of us have low stomach acid not enough digestive enzymes because of the interference with the heavy metals and plastics and pesticides. So we don't get Complete digestion then. The partially digested food. What happens is it seeps through the epithelium and since it's only partially digested it's a molecule that your immune system doesn't recognize and so it starts putting out antibodies or immunoglobulins against this and it it detects it so to speak as an intruder And thinks it's toxic and baiter and that's where the antibodies come

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