The Tradeoffs of the Substack Hustle



So as you mentioned in one of your newsletters. You're sort of in the creator economy. Now which is kind of funny 'cause from by one version of it you've been creator economy pretty much entire life things and sell them and and do different gigs. I'm interested in your thoughts about it. Because i on the one hand think the creator economy is something rob walker's but doing a most of his his life and on the other hand Seems seems like a very cynical way to talk about exploiting teenagers for a couple of minutes on tiktok or selling you know. we're crypto projects. But that idea that the internet can allow people to make a living doing stuff. They're interested in by reaching an audience. That couldn't reach on their own without the internet is pretty appealing. And i'm wondering. Do you think this is a real different version of what you've been doing in. The passers is sort of a natural progression in. This just goes along with book writing and teaching in magazine article. Writing that you've been doing pretty much all your life. Well i think what i of also. I've my context coming to this both as a some longtime freelance writer. But also someone who's written a number of stories. About like i wrote some of the earliest back kickstarter nazi and of written about youtubers. And and all that stuff so it's been Subject of interest to me professionally for a long time and everything he said is true and like it's sort of all of the above. It's always all the above there. Are there are real success stories so what it comes down to him when it comes down to me what i think is somewhat different is just the control you know when you are a freelance writer. Even if you have a call in stretches on my life where. I had him for the new york times and another one for the new york times magazine.

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