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The head of the food and beverage conglomerate PepsiCo, and she's talking about women. They don't like to crunch too loudly in public and they don't lick their fingers. Generously. Those were the comments that got everybody excited this week about her company. Introducing what potentially great new product that would be Doritos for women. Yes. Lady does very well. So excited these beautiful dream. Andrew new uses the CEO of Pepsi cO. She did a podcast in which he talked about female preferences in regard to snack food like their product Doritos. And she said women don't want crops in their hands. And they don't want a loud crunching and more than anything. They don't want chips that dorito splaine to them. So everybody was excited because everybody was like, oh my gosh. Deputies. Introducing lady Doritos Doritos for her. But it turns out not to be true PepsiCo put out a statement. They said they're already Doritos for ladies. They're called Doritos. So Peter, here's one thing. They could do. Yes. Doritos are triangle shaped they are those of you who like me I like to get the big bag and finish it in one sitting. Yes, what happens to the big one that grab? What happens to the roof of your mouth on those points? It really really they can actually. In in the roof of your mouth. If you're if you're eating a lot of the once, and you are, and you are so that is something they could work on. Yes. If it were more rounded stackable mouthguard that came with it. I'm glad you outed yourself. If you will is a Doritos fan because one of the other things that she said about women who enjoyed Reno's snack foods is that unlike men, they don't like to do the thing where you pick up the bag that's almost.

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