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You walk made it weird with the home. What's happening weirdos first and foremost sorry. This is dropping a little bit late. Had a weird had a late night. Not a weird night a good night last night. Couldn't record the intro blah blah blah. Here we are sorry for the delay. This is tara brach one of the most influential buddhist. Mindfulness teachers for both me and vow her books. Her lectures her talks. And meditations are guided. Meditations have both been huge game changers for us and this chap. I believe i say is just filled the room with the frequency of thick beautiful love. I really needed it the day we recorded it and i hope you get as much out of it as i did. Val joins as the co Co host Because she's such a fan. And i'm so glad she did so you'll hear how come in Maybe i don't know twenty thirty minutes into the into the chat if you love this show and you wanna show your support. It always means a lot if you guys try one of the peace picks. I'm so happy that ned and co is one of our newer pete's picks literally just took some of their new magnesium super bland which is called mellow mellow supports over three hundred functions in the body. I love what it to help me. Focus productivity and relaxation but specifically. It helps me calm down. I was feeling a little bit stressed. A little bit spread too thin and just added a packet of mellow into my t- Just before he did this intro. It's become part of my tool belt part of my arsenal another secret weapon. Not only their mellow their magoni. Magnesium excuse me magnesium. Super blend is a part of my new daily routine. And i'm not going back i love it. Ned is also a purveyor of great quality. Cbd they know their farmers. It's not a one hundred and fifty acres of gmo corn and also a little patch of cbd. They've found exclusive hard-core dedicated into it. Small-farm cbd growers in denver. That are all about the plant playing the music and worm beds and recycling missile. All this stuff that. I don't exactly understand. But they care and love these plans and that care and that love comes through in their product. Not only does it make The feeling meaning the the perception of the cbd is wonderful and clean but the taste is wonderful and clean they have third party lab reports For for their farmers they. They're careful observing the cold extraction process. Everything is transparent and above board and wonderful. They sent me a bunch of ned. Cbd it's very simple. It's just makes a little. Mcat oil tastes super clean. And as i said in the previous ad it's just a real secret weapon it puts a little bit of a smile behind my face. It helps me us into whatever i'm trying to do. If that's read or work or get something done or do a podcast. But if i just feel that edge there's just something a little bit off. Cb and ned enco cd has been such a secret weapon for me. It's mood elevating stress reducing. This is just me anecdotally. i've always called. Cd my happy juice. It doesn't get you stoned or high. That's a common misconception received. It doesn't take you out of the game you can still focus and work. It just helps you as i said. Surrender and merged with whatever you're doing including if you're trying to relax when i take it with mellow as i said magnesium supports over three hundred function in the body functions in the body. It is a wonderful power duo I took mellow for the first time and a little bit of the nets and then co cd before bed and fell asleep and under five minutes just for the first time in a long time just that would be enough but daytime use adding it to my morning routine again to sort of softens the edge of my day and what i have to get done so it is really powerful. Really wonderful and it's a great way to show your support of the show and to support your body so go to hello ned dot com slash weird or enter weird at checkout for fifteen percent off your first one time

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