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Four to seven i'd k g aide said with several traffic unchanged deadly lauda road both directions between portola and fought chill through shumba tayo kelley we have an overturned vehicle are the road shut down they will have it all opened backup though by about eight o'clock tonight gentle j southbound eight eighty you should come up to highway 1 oon there's an accident on the right shoulder the major moving okay 280 southbound let you come up to one chester boulevard you've got a crash they finally got that moved over to the shoulder show the mainly injure flowing okay through this buoyed shelf failed on switch eighty why did you go up to capitol expressway right lane block stood at the left to get through there that's a twocar crash looks like there could be some injuries in oakland northbound eight eighty right before naughty eighth avenue you've got it actually that they're walking a right lane looks like a left lane japan lee going okay at this point three also bantei eighty eastbound right before fitzgerald richmond parkway there's an accident off of the right shoulder every shame ramon southbound on six eighty just fast bowler canyon watch for an actual of their blocking a couple of lanes were canal due to traffic break to get that pushover with ksfo traffic hide james stanley but that is really the most important question for the american people that is how much of this allegation of christopher still makes and of course that he enters are true about the russian government wanted to help the trump campaign there's a newsflash candidates conduct research on their opponents and in the case of donald trump to not do that is political malpractice holy cow oh sean yet no one else does most rebel.

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