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But he is a brattleboro. Food cO up foreign policy, right? Like, this guy is handing out the flyers. He wants to do, you know, he's talking about how Reagan's backing all of these, you know, murderous regimes across Latin and Central America. I'm sure that his feelings on Israel, much more complicated. Because you know, I again, I just frankly, I just give a generational pass that being said he endorsed Jesse Jackson. He noted there's videos of him in the eighties saying the Palestinians need rights that actually puts him well to the left of the dial. And then he gets into congress. And again, I think again, we got a credit where Credit's due. I mean, the basic dividing line e posed the invasion of Iraq. That's still is the most important, you know, may macro foreign policy decision last couple of decades, and he was one hundred percent right on it. And then I think in other areas, it was a combination of you know, his priorities really were domestic. That's also probably where he felt he could do some things and. And I think it in two thousand sixteen it was almost he got reawakened because I think that he kind of just put his head down, and even sometimes went along with and voted for some very bad foreign policy ideas, and then two thousand sixteen kinda started with like, well, hey, you know, I'm not a fan of Kissinger because I sort of don't like war criminals how about that. And then people were like, hey, that's great. What else you got? And he's like, well, you know, while we're at it. I don't think Palestinians are subhuman and she get hit with white phosphorus every other day people. Like, you know, what sounds pretty good, man? What else you got? And then you know in preparation for running for president Hebron, Matt dust and so on and he's been trying to synthesize. And I think you know, again, there is a global Thawra -tarian access. But that's you know, that's also the kind of outreach to sort of liberal view. But at the same time in the same speech where he's talking about Bolsonaro. And obviously, this would be something. I would notice he certainly the only presidential candidate who recognizes like, you know, in the phrase. Lula's in jail under very questionable circumstances. Whereas I think, you know, even just brand wise, Elizabeth Warren gonna take on the process of being like, oh, well, there's sometimes just like fake nonsense corruption investigations that are political projects not legal ones and the really dangerous, and it belies a certain deeper skepticism. So I think that you're writing to both sides of Bernie's nature here. And you know, what's your sense of the team around him of what way it breaks? And if it breaks the good way is America ready for that. Like, a real just kind of more fundamental sort of, you know, not anti-american not, you know, not not a guys giving just, you know, like anti foreign policy diatribes in the White House. But somebody who's really like fundamentally is about diplomacy. And also, I really knowledge just as a practical matter the ways in which the United States is a major problem world affairs. And I wanted the escalate those problems because ultimately, they aren't beneficial the American people. I think those are great questions. So I think fundamentally I trust the Bernie, I think he has good instincts. And I and I particularly as you lose trust people like Matt us who are around to who have been really thinking about these reductions as I have no doubt have basically agree with everything that we said, if I guess I would say bad just agrees with everything that we just said and that Bernie very quickly be convinced of it. And and if he did sort of reaffirm these types of Cold War frameworks, it's probably just because more out of habit than any conviction to fighting existential wars who with with these various global Tyrian, actually, I think he was a what I think ultimately that he was trying to draw attention to what is truly global problem, particularly as it relates to his major issue, which is at best inequality and how things like taxations and put Takeuchi abroad do affect American domestic politics. That's on. So I have no I've Bredesen's whatsoever about supporting Bernie a hundred and ten percent because I again, I trust the man, I think it ends things..

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