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Called Java graphical authorship attribution and figured out that the author of the crypto paper of the CryptoNote white paper was more likely to be Nakamoto then any of the other fifteen leading paper so they took a bunch of white papers and they compared them to a narrow and the software said Hey this one here the big coin white paper is most likely to be the same author not what most likely means among those fifteen who knows what a one hundred percent match was on a ninety nine percent match I don't know and they don't specify some similarities are visible to the naked eye for instance both white papers use the spelling of favor and favorable with the U. the contraction can't instead of the typical style observed an academically formatted papers which would be cannot and the wording in this paper comma we but that one in particular is more likely to be someone who's just trying to mimic claim yeah I think somebody smart running enough to come up with a white paper for either one of those could be capable when you go to of doing a doctor that or hospital yeah also your insurance both company documents pays used for black and white line this drawings much with the solid rest is and on dashed you lines so and that's if what these I are love the savings about on the the big pin while coin you're out and of work the Minero Affleck white can help papers us to cover never the stuff having analyzed that isn't in covered to see by if they your were regular different insurance I have read so them your and what bills I loved will about be totally them is that they are technical bananas documents if I could to Christy that's releases what aflac today the white paper is not a technical your document company's annual it's open an enrollment advertising stock brochure up on benefits yeah you're right set for the year but these were actually technical documents designed thanks to produce to you a technology that solves thanks the problem to you not a girl from I Louisiana quickly will get follow rich her quick dreams scheme aimed at solving lots of problems maniac and however self esteem research authors and independence don't expect that the big point four or and them compassion in our communities give hope will embrace and healing this revelation like I many suppose I'm for still children processing give us the this care needed I will though say join with confidence us in helping that if kids Satoshi Nakamoto by Carolina is like Mario Nicholas von super Hagen although we can them be a narrow please call was suppose or visit she's us at greatest Shriners hospitals work for children dot org all in.

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