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Do exactly what you said you have to give everybody an equal voice and one of the challenge this was well that's the first amendment violation you can't demand or require speech that itself is something that governs not allowed to do we're waiting to see if the supreme court takes that challenge wow and and wh whether they do or not we could effectively ended up in a position where if net neutrality stays in it sounds like it's gone at least until the next presidential administration like that until and unless that happens uh that worshiped were protected from that and private actors like uh you know the one we were just talking about could say we don't want to do business with a bunch of neonazis and the guy came out that's exactly right that that's the that's the way will return basic overturned to that that's the looked way law was the lack of law from nike ninety six when the congress last spoke on this until 2015 on the fcc change their minds uh we're going to go back to that and that so she say work very well the net is great and it's you know generate a tremendous amount of value and hopefully it'll stay longer than uh than until the next president welsey i'm going to use that as one of my new favored arguments against net neutrality larry it is applied now if we could only get the bakers of america would be freed from this government interference but that's a subject for another day largely thanks a lot for the uh for taking the time with us and congratulations on the new book big bang disruption thank you very much you about larry downs the project director of the george tan center for business and public policy for those eu the love net neutrality how would you like a net were you couldn't say no to the neonazis who i love that kind of.

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