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Along with Kawhi and Paul George and the rest of a very talented roster with a very talented coach who's done it before, albeit with LeBron. What a story that would be that Russ gets his ring this way. For this franchise in this town and everything I just said here on February 23rd, 2023, as the second half of the season's about to be tipped off is absolutely 100% possible. Not like you're out of your mind, not like, yeah, but no. Like entirely possible. And Richie doesn't he doesn't have to take the clippers anywhere. He just has to be. So he doesn't have to be the guy. Zero pressure. Yeah. Zero. Although Terrence man did ball out against the Phoenix Suns. And he'll continue to do so. So maybe a start him and then you bring Westbrook in off the bench? That was my initial thought. That's what I thought too, and then Brian windhorst now once is you might start. And when they would know more than I so, and about Derek Carr in New York City, I mean, look, I've interviewed him a couple of times, you know, last time I spoke with him was on that zoom pre broadcast call prior to the Christmas Eve night game between the Raiders and the steelers. I mean, this guy's dealt with a lot in his career a lot. Nothing beats the scrutiny of a northeast sports team, Philadelphia, Amtrak Carter, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. So I don't think he's going to turn down that opportunity. I think he would play wealth with the jets. I think that's a fit. The only hold up I've got is, are we really going to just ditch Zach Wilson until I spoke to somebody who I greatly respect recently? And they're like, why can't he just be there for two, three, four years? You got to start winning playoff games. You're going to get to the playoffs. You're going to start to win play out. You got to get to the playoffs. When you're in playoff games, and so why can't you just have Zach Wilson stay is the backup car? Because you're not paying him gazillions of dollars until you have to pick up a 5th year option. You got two years. So if car signs what, a four or 5 year deal, you let this kid marinate, learn. Boy, I just wish when you choose somebody second overall, you try to win a Super Bowl with that incredibly talented player in his first contract. That's what you try to do. That's where the Jaguars that got one more year before Trevor Lawrence sets to the cons. I need your, I need your money, please. So that's what you want to do. But I try to go back and forth like, yeah, cars are fit. He can take us to the pops. Garrett Wilson, he'll find Elijah Moore. Bruce hall's coming back. They could still draft people with the same amount of draft picks because he doesn't cost any draft picks unlike Rogers and Lamar. You are really changing your draft capital. Significantly. And that's what Joe Douglas did to rebuild this team. So, well, is to use multiple firsts that he got from trades from other people. Why would they now flip around and go the F all them picks root? I don't think that makes sense. I'm not going to sit here in cars like what he's some Bambi from Fresno state. That's going to get chewed up by the New York media and spat out. Everybody thought that about Eli. Remember that? That's true. So man, I like their car. I do too. I'd take them in New England in a second. I do too. I do too. He's a likeable guy. And last I heard he could be if he goes to the jets, a first bell Hall of Famer. Again, again, can we just revisit that for a second? For Derek Carr to go to the jets and be a first ballot Hall of Famer. You're assuming he plays at least 40 and wins two super bowls. Not one. You have to play till 40. Okay, great, even two in the next 6 years. Well, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt of two in the next 8. I was giving you the benefit of 20 5% of the next super bowls. You want them to win 33 percent of the next 6. Why not? Yeah, sure. Why not? Thank you. Wait, do you want them to go Patrick Mahomes? Do you want them to win two of the next 5 to 6 years? Even if that is he still first ballot? Probably, 'cause he did it in New York. Come on, of course. Dude, do you know what? I shouldn't say I'll say it. Do you know who's sitting at the NFL honors? I think he was in the front row, Victor Cruz. We gotta do is do it in New York. Just to tell convicted cruise. I mean, how much did commercials of those guys got? For one ring. Subway, Victor does everything. Yeah. He was at the front row of honor. Hello, we're having this conversation on February 23rd, yeah. I want 33 of the next 6 super bowls, 33%. I bet you would Derek Carr. Hey, Stafford wins one more here in Los Angeles. Isn't he at first ballot Hall of Famer? Yes. Now, Carr doesn't currently have all the yards racked up like Stafford has, but he hasn't been in the league as long as Stafford has either. Younger cars played 9 years. Younger than Stafford. More pro bowls than that, that's made one. Good shot, everybody. Jets are going to win two of the next 6 super bowls. I like those checks. Is Dao is going to get in there? No. No? No. Now I'm afraid since I'm speaking these stupid things into existence. Is there a coked up bear behind me? That's going to come through and just the best of me. I think it's downpouring. Is that right? Oh my gosh, look out. Down the hatches here in Los Angeles. It's crazy. 8 four four two O four rich. And a couple more of your phone calls still to come right here on the rich Eisenhower. Also still to come, Eric B enemy has spoken as the new OC and assistant HC of the Washington commanders. An Anthony Edwards, I love this guy. We'll talk about him

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