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Great work. She did everything I just wrote it. She did a great job. But I'm thinking of releasing it in an English formats next few days anyway although GonNa try to do that. And then the last one was really proud was called luck. You store there and we basically manage to make a little short spaghetti western in our whole notion. Yeah Yeah in all lacy later I'll make sure sure all that stuff megalomania no I I I. There's also English subtitles. You can you can. It's it's stupid little okay. It's really really stupid but you know it's just the fact that we can make it in our house you know with with with zero budget. It makes me feel satisfied so I mean I think comedians can somehow find a way to get you know but stand up and you know this. I'm sure is the most pure essence of comedy it's like the pure core combine is no barrier. There's no foul sophistication. There's no cost you. Nothing it's just you and the fucking audience and you better make them laugh now right you know and that is something that I do. Not want booths right no matter what. I didn't really take time to think about that appreciate that. You said that it's like if we do go into these. These ripples of we gotta go back to the House now. Time to turn the lockdown. It's going to be so detrimental to that. Is You need that? I mean that that is stand up comedy. Is that on inside you girl guy on stage talking to a group of people. That's the way it works. You can try hard you can do. This live like we're recording this right now to do a show in that form but it's never won't even be close to what that that connection between obvious. We're we're being poetic about it. Why not with the fuck me? I love it so much. It's like an and you know that like standup is always better. In a certain way when it's the Mo the more intimate. It is the better if you ever went to see like a standup show in a in a big arena. A hand up. Yeah exactly because it doesn't win committee people exactly but when you ever went to see that one comedy show. Maybe if somebody you've never heard of you know but he was just like twenty of you and you're all huddled together and there. Was this one emulate clawing at the comedian leg of the best. You know that's the best you know and then you just use this this this back and forth with the audience. Maybe there's some guy who is too drunk and he was ruining show but somehow you manage the both drew. I mean that is the pure essence standup you know. And so the the closer you are the better. It is the farther you are the worse. Which is why I hope that. Have distinct doesn't kill that close. God maybe the comedian you dislike be like maybe available had like a little little personal bubbles like boy in a bubble actually never saw that movie that was John Travolta all kind of go through the world now in our own little bubble suits here. I never seen that. I should watch it when they should watch a good movie or no not at all. But I heard it's not at all the good movie that I must see it and some movies you'll watch because they're good. Us lots of. Because you have to John Travolta bubble that might be a peak into the future. We were going man. We're we're become a bubble society. We have literal safe spaces at that point. Do you have your safe-space on as a brand of bubble got the new safe-space bubble on the side of it. What happened to all the safe-space people they don't give a shit anymore. I guess I guess when things are going good you look for problems that don't exist right now. We've got a real problem. We can put you got a real problem. It's like what you said. Fuck you you know I. If I go to the supermarket I could die. They did have their bill with what you said is like I don't feel comfortable with a fucking virus ravaging my friends my front door okay. I don't feel comfortable because the world doesn't make me feel comfortable. Sorry you know God. We did have that brief moment though. And when well actually? I guess it's still going on now. When when trump referred to it as the As the Chinese Virus Shit. But it's funny though because here in American media there's there's a video floating around right now of before that became an issue of all these media outlets doing the exact same thing which I was with trump the fact that he had crossed out corona and rewritten Chinese. I don't know I don't know legitimate. Not just like saying what he said Chinese virus that he actually said. Oh no here. It says Corona. Let me just write from that out and write Chinese and let me put a little little man with the hat to you. GotTa Ankle after that just fixes thing. This is a little too. Pcp Sir we need to. We need to spice up a little bit. Can you make a wall reference? Can we wall out this virus? Can we somewhere but did you hear that Prince Charles got it now? I shouldn't say things that are mean that trump people everybody everybody's already said Okay and of course the big. The joke that went around Italy goes the fact that Kudo and a means crown into the League and so the joke is this is the only crown however have I mean it was the first joke that came out and everybody made. It knows that works. It does work. Yeah yeah the so far. He is the least sympathetic of all the people who have it. He's he holds the crown of being being Lee sympathetic for me. Not but it's it's it's significant that person who's like wealthy and six can can still get hit by lemass about this. Oh have they still not released the The illness of of the pope is that still being kept is the pope. Seek is the pope. Is Folks Secret? Hope ill is. I didn't know about this Pope News. I have a google alert. Set up for you. GotTa Google everything about. The pope is my favorite person. Yeah white smoke starts coming out of my computer when there's new.

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