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That was put out there that we were set up to fail. Kaelin mentioned the changes. But i would argue the to field players outside walkers airman who maintained from the last game they looked exhausted in the first half in yunus mussa and paul arriola. And you talk about that. I mean i mean at some point. Gregg berhalter hands are tied. Or do you put this on him for the way. This team went out and perform. I mean obviously. He made some of the wrong calls with how much rotated in who he rotated at. I maintain that the home games are more important. So i took completely understand keeping tyler adams fresh trying to anyway i completely understand heating miles robinson antony robinson is well sergio I completely understand all of that What i don't understand is how calinikos Sebastian legit You know a few other guys. Iasi's artists was in great Tim away all these guys who have played so well. I mean again. Calendar cost does the man of the match in the gold cup final. it's mexico. It was the best player on the field playing the number six and he finally got a chance to play number six qualifying tonight. She looked afraid of the ball. He looked afraid of the moment. And this is the guy who's played in qualifiers before carolina coast is played in the as tech in a qualifier before he's had big moments for club and country in central america before so it was really disheartening to see these guys who all summer long were making a case for being the type of depth that would get the us through qualifying with ease but with few moments like like this one Really shy away from it. It was it was that first half is especially tough to watch. Obviously tyler adams bumped it up a level in the second half but Even that was not it was still not good. And the guys who i mean. We've seen repeatedly throughout this year. Guys given a chance to step up in the moment in win and do it It was the opposite of that tonight. It is like playing so poorly that you you have to lose confidence in them after this performance so we did this show after the gold cup final. We celebrated the big mystery. This this summer was who who can replace tyler adams. Yeah and we came here. Killing casa is it the role. Can he not play that role. Is he really an eight. Does he needs to be in there with tyler is. He's been better as six it for the us than he's ever been as an aid because as an eight he doesn't get on the ball and dry forty doesn't do the stuff that we saw yunus mussa do the other night but he didn't even a sixth today either. I know if we have seen him. We have seen him do that. Though wit right we we saw him do that against mexico against cutter. We those are. Those teams are better than panam. We saw him do that why he wasn't able to do it tonight. I mean he's got to ask himself that gregg. Berhalter gotta figure it out too because wouldn't basically the whole team comes out flat Something has gone wrong with.

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