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Coming up on the real story in the next half hour does the us withdrawal from the iran deal make war in the middle east more likely already we've seen iran fi rockets towards israel and israeli attacks on iranian targets in syria and saudi arabia has said it would build a bomb if iran gets one so could we re heading for a new nuclear arms race in the region and what hope of a new improved deal can the dealmaker in chief really get iran back to the table that's after a summary of the news bbc news jerry smith the newly elected prime minister of malaysia mahachi muhammad has said that the imprisoned opposition leader anwar ibrahim will get an immediate wrong pardon abraham a former deputy prime minister has been in prison since two thousand fifteen he's always maintained that the charges against him were politically motivated the philippines high court has removed the country's chief justice from office it ruled that maria sereno had failed to submit statements of earnings when she applied for the road in two thousand twelve mrs serrano said the action against her was unconstitutional the united nations children's agency unicef has appealed for emergency funds to save four hundred thousand children from starvation in the kasai region of the democratic republic of congo unicef says they're suffering from severe acute malnutrition the region has been ravaged by conflict let's trillion police had begun an investigation after seven people were found dead in a house in the southwestern town of osmundsen the police commissioner of western australia said four of the debt which holdren or had gone shot wounds the french foreign minister jean yves le drian has condemned the us move to reimpose sanctions on foreign companies trading with iran as unacceptable several french firms have signed billion dollar agreements with iran since the nuclear agreement in two thousand fifteen president trump has said he would be pursuing peace and security for the whole world when he meets the north korean leader kim jong on next month he said he was going to get a great deal unlike the nuclear agreement with iran which he described as disastrous a three day auction to.

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