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B. Hi, hi. Thank everybody wants to do. Standing. Well, let's be fair. Altering reality of one fashion or another is as old as man. In one fashion or another whether mushrooms play ODI, or or Mead or or beer or any other alcohol altering one's reality through some kind of drug is old as mankind. I mean, it's been around forever and the desire to alter one's reality in this culture is particularly profound and we've talked about my analysis as to why I believe that's happening. And I think that there's I think there's value that analysis, but yeah, I as I would feel no danger whatsoever. Knowing that my next door neighbor had a rocket launcher in his basement because my next door neighbor's responsible human being and law-abiding and would not use. The thing are to be perturbed at me. If I feel the cut my lawn in time, for example, but there are people who don't have the will necessary or the told this is just alter your reality just a little bit and you'll be really good with it. And they ended up overdosing on on heroin or overdosing an opium or or any of the other illegal drugs and. You're not going to shut off the flow of illegal drugs in this country and shut off the demand the demand. Weren't there? The drugs wouldn't be there. It's really a pretty straightforward equation. Liz agree disagree. I think addiction is a very complicated issue. I think it's exacerbated quite quite a lot in the last several years. I have some friends who have a dictionary shoes and have overdose as well. So it's sort of like a soft spot for me. But what's happening now is it's all related to the economy. I think when you have whole generations of people out of the workforce who feel absolute depression. It's like one thing that leads to another. You know, you meet people especially out in the more suburban rural areas that grandparents are now having to adopt their grandchildren because that middle generation. Yeah. Thanks. I appreciate sports bit further with because. That's that's not quite how I see it. Right. I think you have to go one step further apart of my disinterest in that kind of thing is because I dad and a strong nuclear family. I was the son in a strong nuclear family a little both my parents had issues. I don't think that there are many of us in the world who can say my parents were perfect. I mean, every every human being has issues of one firm and other my parents, my mom was an alcoholic and part of it is that I realized that I have that potential as we always have to be aware of that. I have that addictive personality potential, and however, I'm not particularly tempted by cocaine and marijuana or I mean there there's no charm there for me, I actually kinda like reality. So I'm disinclined to use it. If you take a look historically during the great depression. There was not an uptick in alcohol deaths or other illegal drug deaths because during the great depression people still hits. Strong nuclear families. And I think that's actually we're part of part of the problem lies is with a lot of folks in the culture who no longer have that that that has been eliminated by the political left whether deliberately right? So that the state will take care of you. Well, the state is not competent at doing that. And because of that they end up wanting to alter that reality because they don't like their reality very much. I agree. And then ultimately speaking it's about creating chaos and allowing chaos to exacerbate. And that's what they're having. All right back to the phones. Dave is in Perry hall. Dave good morning. Thanks for hanging on Bruce. I wanted to mention to you several of my my friends and neighbors have suggested that perhaps they should consider constructing a barrier wall as a practice will you know, around Baltimore City. Yeah. Simply simply to keep the outsiders out because we care so much about. Look, it should be mentioned at least without. So we don't just dwell on one top for the entire Dave. Data. But apparently now have once again, a a new nominated police Commissioner, which is the guy who never applied for the job. I'm not quite sure how that occurred that a guy who didn't want the job is now the mayor's nominee again. I wish each of these individuals the best of luck. And we'll see I mean, the guy has a great looking resume. I mean, the posting in the sun greater can resume as what impact he can have on this city when it comes to things like lowering the murder rates were below three hundred. I'll be watching carefully. And we keep track of that in the course of the four so far this year, by the way is in the city so far. Well, you know, one of them that close friend, actually, a relative who was involved in the. The drug task forces passed last summer, actually, and they were tracing calls for known big time dealers, and they traced to tell by telephone and they traced a call and it had the. Well, had a distinctive voice of social conversation of one of those commissioners. And he said to his captain, what do we do with that? And I don't know what they did with it. He of course, step down over tax problems. Think about that. We've talked about it several times all tax records from New Orleans were washed away with Katrina. So that's not gonna be a problem with this guy. They're all gone. Face your call. Appreciate it for one zero WCBS. This Email from Gabriel. Mr. Elliot, Bruce, please. Gabriel always strikes me when you call me, Mr. Elliot. That's it used to be that when I was a kid driving. If somebody pulled you over like with flashing lights on their vehicle and address you as Mr. Elliot was not a good day for you. Right. By and large. I still feel that way although much more likely now to be pulled over by an individual my son's age is older than me. Who will say Mr. Elliott's, please just don't start with that. Because I know it's going to be a bad day. A small portion of the show yesterday. Would you encourage your listeners to call all representatives and senators in state divorce support of the president's wall construction may suggest you include a request to be civil about it. My niece began working as an intern. Invent Holland's office a few weeks ago, she mentioned Trump policy reporters. Yelling use cuss words to express themselves. She played tells the caller that his or her position has been duly noted in a will be passed along to the Senator, but he's going to continue to yeller cuss. The call will be terminated my knees understands these strength of passionate behind the callers actions. I'm here to state that on this or any issue. There is no excuse to behave as badly if not worse than Jim Acosta. I was raised in the era of Reverend king and red Skelton to public figures, I looked up to as a complete a comported themselves in public, Mr. skeleton was quoted saying, I'd rather have people say boy, he's hokey isn't he rather than who was the guy who all those dirty jokes. He did not approve of swearing. I don't think anybody should have the money to pay at the box office to hear what they can read on the restroom walls. Look, I'll be honest with you. It doesn't dawn on me to say this because we stress civil discourse on this show, and people know when they go. To the Bruce Soviet show page on Facebook. If they use profanity their comment will be removed if it's chronic there will be removed. They'll be blocked from doing do we again? But yeah, people be I mean, don't be a democratic congresswoman from for Michigan. Okay. I'll let the left on that particular part of our language for one zero six eighty s our telephone number. 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