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A split decision. I think Montus was beating the show out of her Clarissa she's had her moments but abigail was dominating the entire fibro. There's i don't understand the split decision win. i think it would have been more of a unanimous unanimous. Win for abigail easy. So i don't know what judge stirred. What the twenty eight twenty nine. That's where it just threw me off. Yes i think. Clarisa had one takedown owned montana's at two She ended the fight on top and full mount. Were gosh maybe a another minute or so. She probably could have got a finnish. But we we've seen shields in trouble in the same spots. I mean and coming out of jackson's a. Lot of fighters you know. I i hate to say it like they lose. The aground empowered submissions. That's kind of their. Qa phil jackson wink they are great game planners but with shields super green that was her response to a jake. Paul sniping at her. After the fight talkin shit and she's like. I've been training for nine months and i'm on the world stage now fighting. It's a pretty tough competition but Montas three oh man so he's pretty much you know coming into your own. So shields took a loss. He'll be back but yeah definitely don't agree with that is lacking scarves scorecards at all. I think i think clearances shields needs to figure what jim to go to don. Just stick with jackson nothing wrong with jackson week but you know try to try to do a week with like aka. You know some some big gyms that are out there. I mean just try it and see where you might fit you know. She needs to get that ground game. Sharpened up yeah. Just the takedown defense. You know what i mean like. Jackson pat backed up. A lot of their fighters have been known to be good You know they they could break the clinching. i mean. they're really tough against the fence. That's been their bread and butter. But as far as takedown deed wants highly sold that part of her game of g became. Kind of unstoppable period of her career but nowadays she can implement a wrestling game. Take girls down ground pound shells. we'll be deadly because you know what she is on. The feet has a boxer. She's one of the best. There's band medalist exactly exactly. There is no doubt that she could be bad ass striker that she is in enemy. But it's mixed martial arts so she needs to like get that defense get a wrestling. Get a gist. Good russell with the dana corneas. Yeah yeah good. Good move right there to go to daniel corny. Go wrestle with the. What's his name. Johny hendricks like a boy. Kevin harlan did hendrix stan. By the way. Kevin harlan's out too. I just heard about that. He's out The dacas rematch. So yeah. I don't know what the injury is. I think it's like a foot injury or something like that price. Shoot kevin message manager the atoms and see what the hell's going on now when kevin harlan ever stepped out of fight matter. What never so. Yeah i got word of that today. But yeah he'll be back soon enough. But that was the adopts rematch which ended the first time with the controversial head. But you know what i mean. Ray cooper the third man. Total stud bad ass. He could beat up anybody in the usc too. If you've matched up with any of them. I don't care if it's just monte chen top guys end wait. Love the guy that you're right and not just read but maga mathu don't thanks tough dagestani tough russian and was his first loss like in like what eight years or something like that or whatever But it was a rematch. For ray cooper in him It was like what three four years ago. He lost the final stamina. I think ray. Cooper had lost Pf l. lost the rights to him. I was reading about so now that he wanted they. Own the rights to cooper and you will continue to fight the nfl in their twenty twenty two a championship and probably make another million dollars. K go wrong there. I mean you find finding a tournament that only lasts for a couple months and then you you become a millionaire again. I mean what are the promotion. Can you make that much money. And less time you know and five whatever how many fights it takes to get to the finals three fights right. I mean not a bad gig right there. He still get paid your salary for fighting those Those three fights and he was getting tagged to manage alibi against the fans. It looked like it might get stopped and credit to The fuck was a keith peterson. Right was the referee listening so Yeah credit to keep peterson. He's sometimes notorious for stopping fights early. But you gave ray cooper l. chances in against a tough russia of that was bad at matchup at the way it ended man knockout of the night. Million dollar paychecks. Toll stutman but it cnn. Audrey what a fucking action. The top wine he was taking those jabs and there were some hard jabs man. And i it was. It was just bad as the way it ended it. Was i love that fight. If i was clicking dope did you. Did you watch really now man. Now dude you gotta watch it at least go to the website and watched the highlights. Because i posted it on the on the website. It's dope when he fought on the last time i think he was like submitted he wasn't knocked out or anything. Because i think there's only one or two people. That finished a ray cooper but you guys fought like Toughest dudes npfl beaten. Jake shields twice But this guy right here. I mean it's no joke that they were As for the bell like the f. Deserved it but it was just a comeback win and you love to see that happening. Especially in pf l. mac because if that card ended without fight total legit but of course we have kayla harrison main event their their top star so but up that fight was i don't know i think the killer harrison five was already ethic. Everybody knew what the end result was gonna be. Nobody was surprised the rate into know exactly. Nobody was surprised. I'm surprised i went to a second round taylor is. She's a tough chick man. she's a tough girl in. But you know kayla being kayla she just dominated on the clinching those fucking judo throws and you know that that amount that they're quick mound and and the quick arm bar. I mean i mean there just no way that there was ever going to get out of that game. Definite a shades of ronda. Rousey enter payday right type deal but kayla knows how to throw punch. Yeah all that's true giver. Though and i know kick i think dana pretty much said Because i know. There's always dr goethe the sec frightened nunez. Right out the gate. Like i think shit. She's cash a million dollar check. Ray cooper in esl dana white. Pretty much said you know. Stay with l. You're making a ton of money and he's not going to pay her that type of money in the afc. You know what. I mean so no fucking way. Do i think these guys that are champs right now and making this much.

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