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Bangles game. The number's going up for games the rest of the season. The Ohio Department of Health now says that the Bengals can have up to 12,000 fans in the stands for football games at Paul Brown Stadium. That is double what had been previously allowed. The state also gave that same expansion permission to the Browns for games being played at FirstEnergy Stadium. Going forward, social distancing rules will still be enforced with fans in Cincinnati, grouped in pods up to six. It'll come in. Especially handy when the Browns play the Bangles at PBS on October 25th I'm Jack Crumley News Radio 700 wlw over 1300 new cover 19 cases were announced in Ohio Today. Hospitalizations, according to Governor Mike DeWine are escalating this 132 New ones were announced in August and September, spread among the young and healthy. Um, uh, We're afraid we'll eventually impact those who are older and more vulnerable, the average age of covert cases. Oh, and this is going up. Unfortunately, so is the average age of hospitalizations, Aline says they are older and live in rural parts of Ohio 36 new when I see one mission three times the current average and 16 new deaths were also reported. It's gonna be a hard month. With all the cases we've seen It's going to be hard October is going to be hard November 2, Kentucky governor and he was here this afternoon. It's more than 1000 to cover 19 cases were reported. Along with four new deaths. He again reminded residents that residents that there is an ongoing escalation in cases he extended the mask mandate another 30 days and says they'll better enforce it in state level. We're gonna be stepping up the enforcement and so for our businesses Cannot check people out who aren't wearing a mask..

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