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Take it without an engine combustion engine and this officers different opportunities new opportunities. It's the same or more excitement for designers because because we have so much opportunity all the space or that space which you can use S. S. space or negative spills that's right you both ways and And you just have to make it very deliberately. Yes and of course with you. Know the economies of scale that I assume obtained with your parent corporation. I mean that's basically battery central troll. So you've got all of the technological underpinnings and all the supply chain that you would potentially need to actually imagine an engineer and build those cars. Yep Ah in the same time. You're always looking for partners. The industry's moving. So fast. And one hand it is about hardware and the other hand it is about software or an ecosystem and services that you can provide and or there. We are here in in this situation this well in an area which is very very positive exciting exciting cooperation that never existed before almost of necessity but also with a mind for efficiency prophets. And everybody wants absolute absolutely. We are not anymore just designers or cobblers. We are not just companies. Who Do be to see as a business to the customers directly but now will be to be business to business we talk to other companies who offer services and be joined forces to offer services combined to customers that could be interested in our united forces? So it's very very interesting and do you have to start designing with an understanding a standing for business as well and for different different opportunities from the start so in other words potentially a you might have client come to you. WHO's looking to help Pew design something completely outside of the automotive arena but that would rely on your Expertise and your approach to problem solving. Yes yes we. It's not only design but several departments in our house Actually set up to be their own profit centers as well which is very interesting which is stimulating relating for the design team. They can be you know flying car. Come around or can be those interesting topics. We just designed third third boss fully electric bus which will dry for we sorta first prototypes already driving in in in China. They no kidding. They haven't China and it's impressive. The view approach this differently. And you learn for your own business again right. It's like a piece of architecture basically and now you learn that you can bring it back back and and learn as in mid-october we are opening our new design studio in in Iran. It's a brand new beautiful. You know long leg geico played off. Stephan Meyer measuring played. It's it's incredible. We designed our design. This design that there's so it's awesome. We'll be right back. Sometimes the exceptional is not the biggest budget. Sometimes the exceptional is someone's ability to actually take their soul and printed on the screen. For a moment. I WANNA learn everything that there is to know about the filmmaking process. I think part of art is hearing from the artists who created a number of different visions. A number of different qualifications that have to go into making any film is insurmountable and hearing those stories can be just as exciting and insightful as the navy's themselves certain movies or certain scores certain actors have shaped who I am as a person have such appreciation for the things that people produce and the work that goes into whether it's the writer who came up with this story in general or how filmmakers were able to take that from the age and put it onto screen and then from the actors themselves who are able to kind of bring that all to life. That is what I I wanna hear because it makes me love my favorite movies even more. I'm Scott to law. If you love movies like I do. You're going to love. Hollywood would unscripted wherever you get your podcasts. We're back now with cars that matter my guest Andrea stor. What a great glimpse of your past experience and and your present projects Andreas? It's great to talk to you about these things but we also want to talk about some stuff that is near and dear to our listeners. Certainly to me. That's cars that matter most to you. Let's dig into that a little bit. What are some of your favorites? The very first carded I owned and bored with the very first money that I earned Edwards Roy was seventy five Hi Romero. GT designed by. Batasuna is and that was very special for me. I I loved cards I think. Almost like the golden cats of how it stands. It's designed by young. Joo Jaro. It's right he was actually the same age when he designed that Carter was his first car because that was nineteen sixty one one design. The first step knows was around. Then is that right. Yes yes and then it went through I guess seventy five in Europe as the two thousand correct. Eso I've had one of the latest production cavs offs and that was amazing and gorgeous shape. It really is beautiful. It looks so dynamic and so simple as well you know we talk about. Simplicity and reduce would use reduction. has this full of tension this car full of tension and even being steady. It has a lot of motion forward motion to it. And you can just see. See Italian you know against him. Bev -solutely I love putting that car next to a BMW. Two thousand two. And maybe next to a Datsun. Five ten audio put all three together and he realized they were racing together at the same class and then all tearing each other up and doing an amazing job but talk about how culture in have a signature automotive design every single one. You can tell where those cars came from and Jaros little. Gt was really the most Italian car that you could have imagined from the time. So the Little Alpha really informed some of your original inspiration for cars. What else definitely Lee the indefinitely? Cars of the pre Ov face and the thirties. So definitely because you know this whole time seem to have been and so special in terms of pioneering or as well competition if it's the friendship it's the Bugatti of that time the you know the Atlantic is just just outstanding. But then as well what you know the defendant tools. Just look at the propential- Horta Phantom tool an amazing thing mile long hood arrogancy Colombani. It's over there yeah proportionally. There's probably nothing more wriggling stately and impressive than the car. The yeah you say the sheer presence and then as well how smart smart how tiny but yet perfectly fit the cabin wasp and right throws Heine just impressive just beautiful yeah so appre wars. It's interesting that a contemporary designers so affected by prewar designs. I think that says a lot about your appreciation for history whether you you probably see when you see the se one that there is. There's definitely something of drama. And something of that again. Pioneering Spirit and expressive oppressive presence from those days to imagine. Just have to imagine to. How would it feel to sit in the Spitfire and half half that knows in front of you or you know you're talking about a triumph Spitfire? You're talking about the airplane and Yes that is a magnificent view. Yeah and then you know in the you have this this Merlin engine in front of you of course now. We don't have an engine in front of us but still you celebrate. Proportions is celebrate power just with the proportions. And this there's something I'm convinced that something about proportions and stance that we just never age that's right. That's why a Jaguar e type looked so good today as it did the day it was born absolutely it looked like a starship landed. Actually we were as well thinking about common. We did. Yeah very interesting. Well I never want to be presumptuous. Assume that one thing informed the other but no question that the the se one has has that proportion stance and kind of perfection of line. What about driving you like driving driving? I like driving A. I'm I'm not sure if I'm very good drive. But a loved driving out and what you'd mentioned earlier the nine eleven as an example of a car that did you consider Cetera a great driving experience. There's some other cars that or some others that may have kind of affected you. And what I several portions of I like to drive. You know I love to drive a came in which has just absolutely fantastic to drive as well but then I was touched to drive the Phantom defendthem is just such a isn't that sounds like solid yet light and sophisticated feeling. I had a chance of one time to drive the civil ghost I did you really. Yeah the nineteen seventy ghost. Yes I mean I I. Shouldn't say driver was passenger. Yeah but yet that was an experience and drove it from Sunning Day over Windsor Castle and passing Escott. And you know all these beautiful old trees left and right and the whole context and you sit so high up. He said so close together. You have your feet very fast yet. Your Post just upright the whole experience of how you sit is just something because then you feel justice cower this energy yet so smooth. It's absolutely clear where you're going on rails. It's confidence without what question isn't it amazing. I've talked to some old guys that are owners of the original silver ghosts and Obviously not that one. That's probably those valuable car in the world but of that model and they still regarded as one of the most perfectly built and engineered cars in the world. You you just can't find fault with them hundred and something years later Yes yes yes. And that's what gives me hope because it was really the first series car and they had a car before like but not serious like it was their first series. Men's to publish and yet yet it was the best car in the world right there were two startups back. Then right there were the were established rush companies and nobody knew before that rose would be the best kind of world four hundred ten years now so that gives hope the first cut of we did. I just talked about Outta here. The Rivera drives fantastically. And it's not easy to pull off against sophisticated and as deputy brands like Porsche and Mercedes and to get that feedback from professional drivers. And you know on this. You can rebuild because because you'd be talking about experience we talk are possibilities off love new drive trains and that you have more space and this and that but the driving experience always is very very very important you can still make your statement despite connectivity. An ecosystem of this is important but the driving experience is something very very important. Well I look forward to driving Rivero and obviously best of luck with with that as you move forward with that and with other new projects that will ensure care about in the very very near future awesome. Thank you so much thank you. Andreas Surfing Karma Automotive for joining us on cars that matter join us next time to start a new conversation about the passions that drivers and the passions we drive.

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