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Bob Kessler in the WGN radio newsroom. And these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. Seven twenty WGN. Chicago bulls. Eleven. And thirty eight. And that's not bad enough. By the way, you're still behind the Knicks or ten and thirty seven Cleveland, you're still buying the Cavs or nine and forty one. And you're behind the Phoenix Suns are eleven and forty so good luck. Good luck, by the way, catching Phoenix going to be tough. But I actually think they can do and let's bring in Kendal Gilbert as a phenomenal job on NBC sports, Chicago, of course, long long long time NBA how about your fighting a lion today. Kendall coming back and getting Maryland. Yeah. They did a pretty good job. You know, I thought I actually just got alerted on Instagram that they won. So you know, I was very happy about I rely. I the freshmen things that you know, he's got a chance to play the next level. I'm glad he doesn't have a jump shot because right now because he'd be one and done so a little bit more time to work on that. But you know, he's got a bright future ahead of them. So all right. Let's let's start at the top here. The bulls mega mistake firing. Fred hoiberg. You know, I probably would have given him a little bit more rope. If if I were to GM because considering that, you know, we had four other top players out to begin the season. They were injured. Let's talk to put together a good record. When your top guys are out. So that they may have jumped the gun a little bit. But you know, we never know. We know what's going on inside of your organizational. What direction they wanna head? But if I were GM, I probably would have kept them. All kendall. The next obvious question would be is Jim Boylan the right coach not an interim coach. But he is the bulls head coach, what did you think of that move? Well, I thought the gel is very capable. I mean, he's been a top assistant around the league for number of years. You know, I think still he's still dealing with the handicapped will play is being injured players not playing the long enough. Also being the youngest team in the NBA. So and also not having a training camp to implement his style. So we really don't know yet. You know, the next thirty four games will be able to tell the story about what he really can't do as a coach. Would you want to play for a guy who's doing the route roughing on the sidelines? And I don't know having you practice after back to back Cy I understand the bulls were in a situation where they were not, you know, competing on a level that Jim want or the organization wanted, and you, of course, you play for Pat Riley is a pretty demanding guy in his own, right? And we'll do maybe something like that as well. So I mean what what was your thought process? I guess at the time the way Jim was trying to sort of put his hand print on the team. And it sorta doesn't seem like it's taken hold. Well, I think as as a coach you have to go in and you have to put your imprint on the team, you know, right away. But you know, I don't believe in practice guys at the back back to back score for two or three hours. I hurt was done. You know, you need to do that in training camp. And you can be demanding coaches long, as you know, went to be demanding and win the off the gas. I think that some coaches sometimes when I'm not saying in Jim's case because I really don't know because I'm not in the practices. But you know, some coaches go one hundred miles an hour all the time. Well, you can't be that way you have to pick and choose when you can work your players, and when you need to give them a break, you know, I think that one of the main things that you guys mentioned Pat Riley one of the main things paralyzed. What he was never when he was never able to beat the bulls. When he was with the Knicks is because he was one hundred miles per hour all season long practice, two guys three and a half hours had doing one and a half was shoot arouse during the season. And then we get to the playoffs. You just don't have another year to go to. And that's why I think that coaches that are like that that are real intense and want to go one percent all the time and then game then in practice they fail in the end because they exhaust all of the player's current Harry with you on seven twenty WGN talking to Kendall Gill former bowl, former Lyon, I former a lot of teams in the NBA could go run down the gamut here. So do you put threes autom- tip at all in the same umbrella that you just did with Riley as far as grinding harder during the regular season. Yeah. I do. But you know, I I love the coach I would have loved to play for you know, the reason why is because he gives you a lot of minutes. Meaning if you get the lot which translates into more points, just go up, and you get a better contract at the end of the day. A lot of players don't understand that. The only problem that I did I. Wait. The only thing I disagree with fibs about is practicing his players three hours in practice in the middle of the season. You do that you can't learn the candle at both ends, you know, if you do that you end up with injuries. You know, you look at your king. We can we can go back to their low situation when you know, we had the game in hand against the Philadelphia. Seventy six. You know, it changes the direction of the franchise. But you're right. One hundred percent of his like, Lou Alday Tibbs may have a lot of money. Joe? Keep made them a lot of money, Taj Gibson made him a and and bulls fans, remember what Phil did Phil would find ways to have his players fresh when the playoffs came guys like Jeb Bush floor with all the sudden, you know, be getting tons of minutes in a game. So you don't pit and Horace all these other guys would be a little more fresh. Scotty, Michael always played thirty seven thirty eight minutes at night, but towards the end, Michael always dead Scottie played a lot. But I'm just saying in general he would take the minutes down from all the non superstars on his team going into the playoffs. So KENDALL, I'm I'm a positive holes fan. Larry Markkanen fastest player to ever get one hundred three's. What is the ceiling for the Finnish star? The ceiling is is high form. But the one thing that Larry has do if he's gonna reach that feeling he has to get more aggressive on the offensive in. I wanna see him take over again because we have the talent to do. So I don't wanna see him lay back on the team that he can get thirty points on the Los Angeles Lakers or the Cleveland Cavaliers teams that really what lake is not good without LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, basically, a sparring partner. You know, I want to see him go into games and and deduct the attitude of seek and destroy now. I think that he's playing okay. But I think that you can be so much better. If you just increase his intention towards the game come down the court, and you know, how long he likes to learn on the outside and she three point shot. But I think that he can be just as affected inside it in his mid range gave Clem come down and demand. The basketball team mates. Give me the ball in the post because with his talent. I think that he can dominate pretty much pretty much anybody at a physician. So that's what is the biggest concern. I guess in biggest disappointment so far from this season. Because I don't see him really making any major steps getting better being put in the right position. I mean, that's that's not good. That's not good. No. He has it in him. But I want to see you. We saw it then we'd be even more positive about the future. But we need to dominate. I actually think that he was more aggressive last year the work. Yeah. Then he this year. And I don't look at the guys in the second year. I don't wanna be too far negative on Lowry. But I personally I don't see him as a number one guy on a team that's challenging to be at the top of a conference, let alone when title you need. He is at best to me in a two. Would you agree or am? I am I two out front here. Well, right now, that's what it's looking like. But you know, I had to believe that he can be a number one guy. I still have that belief, but I need to see the aggressiveness in. I if he can bring that about going there and demand a basketball dunking on guys scoring going, and rebounding and really stepping up the Sand Lake. Hey, this is my team. But I see him if he can do that. Then I believe he can be a number one as long as he doesn't. Then I agree with you, probably a number two thirteen can I thirteen? Going to be thirteen. I liked that thirteen. It's more fun. When the bulls are winning, and we can talk about, you know, all the good stuff, all the positives. I can get a great Jimmy column story from you. But but I gotta ask a question like this. Gar packs are John Paxson and gar Forman untouchable. I don't think anybody in the NBA is untouchable. You know, Michael Jordan is no longer playing only got really game. Probably the untouchable. So you know, I think they're gonna have a plan. I think this was when they first started out. The three to four rebuild three three to four year rebuild right now. We're in the second year. I think you gotta give them another couple of years before you can really make a decision if you're only make a decision on changing direction. I think that in the future they have some big things planned for this summer. You have the agents available. You know, they may make a splash for the hats. And Anthony Davis day. We get the number one pick. Then we all know the pick. We'll be I am Williamson. Say for instance, you take the number one pick and one of the bulls. Todd young players and packages along with a first round pick to the New Orleans pelicans. But Anthony Davis. When you go out, and you Tobias Harris. Now, you're talking about a team. That's that's ready to compete in the Eastern Conference. So I think that these are the things that they're thinking about for the future. So hopefully, they can make deals like this because it's going to show the fan base that they're really serious about becoming a contender. I basically did that video at fan cited like where where should Anthony Davis go the bulls, if they end up getting lucky or have some of the best Athen assets do it and you'd be bringing them home. You know to me. That's that's at least interesting. I don't think they would do it. But. That conversation. Hey, it's Chris Donald starting point guard in this league. The jury is still out. I think he has the talent to be a starting point guard. He does he'll he'll wow, you say a man why don't they do that? All the time. You know? But I think the next thirty four games will tell us whether he is a starting point guard in this league. I mean, he's he's got all the intangibles. He's six boys big. He's rangy can play defense. I think there's some time some of his decision making, you know, causes him problems. And and he needs to correct. If he's going to be a big time starter in this league. But I mean, he has all the talent to do. So hey, thirteen. You and we'll Purdue and Chas now Martian shit. Now, she do a great job there on the bulls broadcast. I'm wondering between the three of you. Have you guys formed your own leadership committee? Well, no, lackey bark is the leader. Because he's the quarterback of the team. So we don't have any. We don't talk about the video because we don't Mark is believe. Down before you go one more on the team Jabari Parker. I dunno. I made to me. The guy is who he is. You shouldn't be surprised that he's not, you know, making the all defensive team. He was in my mind getting better each game out. And then all of a sudden you can't get on the court. I didn't get that at all. I don't know where you are sitting on it. Well, yeah, I didn't get it either, you know, because at the time when he was taken out of the out of out of the lineup, and he says he's gonna be out of location second-leading school leading rebounder. So that I didn't understand, you know, maybe Jim Boylan stalled things which he does he sees more things than us. He sees them in practice. He sees more than we do. All we see is really the spectacular scoring that you Bari does, you know? So maybe he had his reasons but still even with Jabbar. Defensive deficiencies. I still think you can find a place for scoring and as we came in last night has fifteen point and totally change the momentum of the game and the bulls favor when he when he got into basketball game. And then in the second half is the only had had twelve points in the first avenue in three points in the second half. And we really didn't see him unquenched. It reminds me wanna go way back to when Reggie Theus was was Reggie Theus. Bench. Reggie the crowd screaming Reggie. And they put them any berry three jump shots. And then coaching the team then Kevin locker. Thirteen you're a Chicago guy. Can you give me Reggie Theus is jersey number with the bulls ploy twenty four ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. I know kennel remembers Reggie Theus. Right. Yeah. Get my haircut. Like my dad, always come cut my leg registered. Man could score. Yeah. Yeah. Hell, yeah. Look good. Jack Marin also were twenty four for the bulls. Canal kinda we always appreciate getting to talk to you. Thanks for jumping on. Okay. Thanks. Yes. Kendall Gill NBC sports, Chicago doing a great job. And I think you'd be bonded with them. Right there. Harry thirteen. Well, we cannot go was a spectacular player. Oh my God. I mean, I don't know if people watching the broadcast realize how great a talent Kendall Gill was on the floor. If you're in the forty five year age rates, forty forty you you you are well aware of what the flying were that he had a great career in the NBA. Let's get real quick time out here and coming up after six get something really special for you. Seven wait to hear what it is seven twenty WGN. I.

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