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Pre gaming, the workouts that are going to begin here in less than one hour. We also got a lot of measurables today for the wide receiver class in particular. That's our main focus is going to be during the show. Obviously for the Patriots and their needs in this draft, not really a quarterback draft for the Patriots, certainly not a tight end draft for New England either. So it's going to be a big emphasis on wide receivers. All weekend long for the Patriots, but especially tonight, when we get to see some people run, I want to start here with the measurables that came out and we were talking about this before we hit record or hit live here. And that is how small some of these wide receivers are in this class. Really at the top of the class in particular is what I'm talking about outside of Drake London and treylon Burks. This is a pretty marginal class in terms of height, weight, that sort of thing, a bunch of guys coming in under one 90 that are gonna be interesting to the Patriots, Chris a lobby, Garrett Wilson, Jahan dots, and under one 80. Jameson Williams, although he's recovering from that ACL surgery. So maybe he dropped a few pounds because he's not lifting right now coming in at one 79. John metchie, one 87. So all these guys under one 90, that tells me although we're not gonna see the Bama guys here tonight, the 40 yard dash times for all these guys that are under a buck 90 in terms of weight are gonna be critical. And you can throw a Wanda Robinson in there as well from Kentucky who is 5 8 one 75, one 81 78, one 78, right? All of the suspects are.

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