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We might be able to unlock this. Yeah. Okay. Um well, listen, I the city where the Seattle times or anybody stays on it. That story. I talked about the guy in Cincinnati. It took two years. They finally got him. So I mean, you guys just keep hounding and hounding and hounding to get on top. And to keep this thing going, we'll just gonna leave. She's gonna leave and who's going to care? Because the people don't know for the paper and everybody's liberals just protect Jenny. Just let it go. Absolutely, Tom. You're going to get more of this. You think the Seattle Times tried to Jenny That's that's hilarious. They covered all this stuff, and here's why it's going to the investigations are going to continue because they're at least three lawsuits affected by this, so they will have to be investigated. They'll be they'll be covered Summer of love. I don't think she could have looked any worse than when she was on television, referring to what would then become the place where two people are died. Others were raped. Then the at the time that hadn't happened and was said in kind of mocking jest, But it's come back to bite her. And now that's all people remember the words and not the delivery. So right? It's you know, no one could have seen that coming. Let's see with the fact that he loved Babu of you care that aren't Langley, grandson of former Seattle mayor governor announcing that he wants to run for mayor. I care because Felix Manel cares. Oh, I like Felix so therefore will subject everybody are being interviewed on our sledges never intended to run for mayor. But the number of Seattleites frustrated with the recycled list of mayoral candidates and direction our city is going has caught my attention because I feel the same. I've lived here all my life. I'm an independent of supporting candidates on all sides. Teeny, tiny ladies licking her chops. You could have been all over this guy. I come to this campaign with no special interests except to bring back What pride I know is here and just waiting for us to wake up and restore city in decline. It was it was that in answering a question, or is that him reading from a cue card? That was his campaign video announcement? Hey, needed music needed music under it. Having worked in with Salvation Army. What do you do that homeless for the last 20 years or actually, most of my life, but I've been on the board for the last 20 years. I can speak more knowledgeably about what they've been doing, and we have a couple of great guys won that in five seconds. I can't take that one. How about John hears? I'll get one. I'll tell you one fact that's gonna get you on his side. Okay? That among the various people that he did donate to and he don't don't into Democrats Republicans. He also donated to the late Republican State senator and the Hill of Redmond, a good personal friend of yours. I love him. I knew I'd bring you around folks that have entered these races over the last 15 years or so that really have not had a ton of experience working in the In the business world or or, you know, on the ground and Seattle in general outside of the political world, and I think that we need more of that from folks that have worked in business and philanthropy. And other things that aren't necessarily political from the get go already in 15 minutes, will be giving his concession speech time because there's no way this guy's gonna get elected one. He's white. And remember the article. Seattle is too white. AM. That's white is a problem when you could be, too y T 002 White in Seattle. So here's a white guy with business experience, and it doesn't matter that his legacy is that he's the grandson of someone. He's white, so that's six strikes against him, and he seems to also be fairly levelheaded. So that's not gonna get him anywhere either, but good for him. I don't know why he's doing it. Why's he doing it? I I think that he wanted to get his name out there in honor of his grandfather. Okay? I mean, I don't really think that he thinks he has a chance. But stranger things have happened. Nobody thought Donald Trump had a chance, either. I think he wants to distinguish himself by being unlike you know, cut from the cloth of no other candidate. Yes, well, also, Donald Trump was running against one of the most detestable people you could possibly run about. So Hillary Clinton most what? Absolutely don't say that you like so much by so many so many, Hillary. Correct, Mary, right? Donald Trump beat somebody Amazing. The C D. C continues to exaggerate in order to get You two behave the way they want you to behave. They came down with a thing of the day less than 10% of covert infections occur outdoors. Then what we find when people look into this thing that that would be like saying less than 1000 people are killed by sharks every year. The answer is 34. People are killed by sharks every year, but the CDC says less than 10%. Of covert infection occurs outdoors. What we find the real number to be Tom. Lower than that. How? How is this? So these? I loved this article. I thought it was fascinating. And I'm happy to tell you what the significance of this is John. Every time somebody gets something, not accurately you assume a negative motive. That there's some kind of darkness to that, like it's intentional that were inaccurate. Yes, inaccurate, Tom? Yes, Tom. Okay, They are intentionally exaggerating the numbers to get you to behave a particular way. Then why not say the number? It's less than 10%? Why not say less than 1%? Yes. They wanted to behave a particular way. Okay, That's where we disagree. And if I'm in one may be right, I may be wrong. You assuming lt Bird of a negative, ulterior motives to what they're doing and what the great thing about this article is in New York Times a misleading CDC number, it explains. How do these things happen? How is it that it says it's less than 10% when if you deep If you spend enough time you can figure out that it's actually probably less than 1%, and in one case in what Ireland study was less than 1/10 1%. So how did this happen? Well, they have They collect all this information about after transmission, and by the way, they said the numbers on after transmission are dwarfed by the numbers of indoor transmission. So there's a much that's much more information. But they said that there were 10,926 cases of out transmission outdoors and 95 of them. Came from it as it turns out to them. They just saw this number 95 95 from a Singapore construction sites, they said. How could that possibly be that it's all the same for conservatives? Well, turns out it's the definition of what is outside. What is inside and construction sites were seen is outside but in Singapore Because it's so hot in Singapore. A lot of construction.

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