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As use thoughts of sorts of feed the community with information it'll get shad than we just have lots of people nye that when people ask questions that jump in and said we are on arafat's all all the she she's daca fitness change dot com and then you know without like facebook group something saw that houses going is going good it's gonna really well we we based our series i last year great so we've gone through a few rounds of finance and investment naira we have a patent pending model on some of the back and stuff that we do and without like government grants week on award with markelle soft rate regulations really vehicle with all right doctor dan weird and thank you for joining thank you for letting me be analysed i was it's fascinating for me and uh and it's still again it's it's funny how how these relatively minor tweets can make a significant difference officials tomorrow i'll be doing some minor tweaks avocado mcat timing eating i've committed to the pro since i got my results exits liu you get a prefer where i feel better when i do that certainly is a lot to us but thank you very much for joining us thank social how we'll take a break right back health iq is an insurance company that helps healthconscious individuals are runners cyclists weightlifters like myself and vegetarians to get lower rates on their life insurance go to health i queue dot com slash true you will get a nice big surprise in your insurance rates annual sport the show and you'll see if you qualify that's right on average fifty six percent of health are you customer say between four and thirty three percent on their life insurance so health like you can save our customers up to thirty three percent because physically after people have a fifty six percent lower risk of heart disease 20 percent lower risk of cancer and a fifty eight percent lower risk of diabetes compared to people who are inactive it's like saving money in your car insurance for me a good driver health iq saves you money on your life insurance for living a health conscious lifestyle you should be rewarded for that seventy percent of the clients get exclusive rates at the top brite class and this is the fastest growing life insurance.

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