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Steve dorsey a new warning from the fbi the many folks using the internet here's correspondent john schumann guest room like millions of americans elissa dominates has a router the unit that brings internet service to the devices in her home routers come in all shapes and sizes but the government says hundreds of thousands have been infected with malware now i'm kind of freaking really worried john the fbi recently put out a public service announcement saying the malware is able to perform multiple functions including possible information collection device exploitation and blocking network traffic they can spy on you ed straws is the former head of new york city's fbi computer crime squad he says the infection could give hackers access to personal information or even allow them to disable the router they can even wipe it out or cause it to work longer the fbi has already identified how the hackers got into the routers now the agency is asking everyone to do a reboot so by turning it off and on it resets in a way that allows the fbi to identify the devices that were infected unless a rebooted hers by unplugging it for five seconds hopefully that'll do the job the reboot should also destroy part of the malware experts say you also need to create a new strong password for your router john shoe cbs news new york new research on sunscreen first time mom jessica goldstein keeps fivemonthold l louise out of the.

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