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Of millions of people watching it I would know about the numbers. I have heard of of the series and again i think i'm not saying that nobody over here cares about that. I'm thinking there is a dividing line where people who care about. It are in the upper stratosphere of income levels or money prestige power and that kind of stuff and the working class. Man really doesn't know about it. But i know there was some story about about martin was sherry In the news or recently and some kind of We see headlines every once in a while but you know as you got to know this the there has been no news for the last four years that hasn't had the where trump in it on So we don't you know they could buy you. A nuclear bomb could fall on k. And it would say trump trump this trump that the headline so We don't know much about what's going on. We do it. A second series of the trump show all we hope not. There is one last gasp Hail mary that they're going to try and congress. Nobody thinks it's going to work. But the man just won't won't concede ever he will never admit that you love you. Just want lie down really no. I understand what you're saying about royalty over here. Because i i mean you are right. It's it's totally not cronyism that we've got. I mean you go to imagine george. Washington's great great great grandson or daughter is president of the united states. because it's a hereditary thing so we got this weird situation where i head of state is hereditary. We don't get the opportunity to vote for them. Some of them haven't been very good in some of them have a so. We don't get any choice on the basis whether it can whether they're going to be any good at it and not only that but i head of state is head of our state. Jn we have a state religion over here much like iran. You know it's it's very very strange. We have two houses. You know you have your two houses of the senate and the representatives isn't it. Yeah well over here. We had the house of commons. In the house of lords in the house of lords ninety of the people in that are hereditary they they got there because they would born with a title and another twenty five of them a bishops of the church of england. That's the episcopalian bishops. If you to me and these people guess what matt. I didn't vote for any of them right. That's that's kinda bizarre And here we have purposely the division of state religion but we kind of do have a a state religion in a lot of ways because the people in power and they've kinda. It's not the church england. Let's not the roman catholic church. It's what they want a kind of They don't want to offend or they wanna bridge to people against in. Your book is called the muslim prints. And i think for a reason. They want a bridge too. Powerful religions christianity and judaism against muslim. So we we call it here. Judeo christian values which to me is kind of funny because jew judaism in christianity really are all the only thing they have communist they worship the same god but other than that most of the values and principles they hit to the only one they have in common other than worshiping the same god hate muslims. The teenage interestingly the muslims bush the same gorge you know they also believe in large parts of the old testament you know. They're all the three main really three religions. Judaism christianity and islam are all people of the book right. The book being the old testament coast. You know not a new testament. I so you have something. They still have quite an incumbent. Nearly tim i wanted to in in my book. I wanted to so dale with the idea. You see so just going back very slightly by law. Sovereign can't be a catholic and they can't marry a catholic either. This harks back to henry. The eighth really. We have laws that protect the crown from rome. but i notice. We haven't gotten any laws that protect the crown from mecca and so my book is about the idea of what would happen if they young successor to the throne while he was still a prince prince giants If he actually converted to islam what would happen. How would we handle it. How would the british establishment and lit in obviously couldn't be head of the state religion so they'd have to the state religion which they should've done about two hundred years ago. Yeah and he s an interesting play on latin Bit little bit mischievous really of sam. A little confused of was was diana pregnant when she was killed. I don't know i mean what to do. Know just going back to diana for a moment is that it's you know this business of the muslim princes. Diana was going out with a guy. Code has meant com for two years before she was going out. We doty fired. I did not have that. Yeah he was a surgeon lung surgeon and he still is and his. Parents have pakistanis. He's british and he to guy dying they h- to hide in the boot of her car and drove home. Keep awake from the press and she went over to pakistan to meet his parents and they didn't. They didn't approve of the fact that she was christian and so there was talk of her converting to islam. That's not such a crazy idea so in my book in my book she there is no accident because they they benched the driver who was drunk and that just changes everything. As soon as they change the driver i it actually ties him with skype. But you don't have to know that you don't have to know that if you'd redcowmn. Escapees is is completely independent books. So there's no accident in the tunnel. So consequently donna marries doty and having children with him. She converts to islam so her children who close relatives of the house of windsor. All was an kind of goes from that really. Wow wow that's heavy things to think about so if if diana had survived And and what. I mean without a crystal ball. It's really hard to know what what it would be like. But how do you. How do you envision how the world would be different. Well you see. What's what is going to happen. This is this is going to happen. Unfortunately is with the second will die and prince. Charles will certainly Say to the throne. He may not be on the throne for that long. Prince prince william takes over now. If diana had lived at that point she would have rejoined the royal family. Because her some would be on the phone he'd be king.

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