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Show the world we can walk and chew bubble gum. We could do more than one thing at the same time with continuing coverage of the inauguration of Joe Biden. I'm Brian Clark ABC News three old one, There was plenty of security in Washington for the inauguration more than most inaugurations. Over the past few days, officials feared protests and demonstrations could break out during the ceremony this morning and a swell a zit state capitals across the country. So far, though, that hasn't happened. The city of Boston has been taking precautions and WBC's Karen Regal is here. She's outside the statehouse, Karen Let me tell you. How tied up the state houses right now, Literally your Boston police metal barricades in front there tied up with zip ties, So no, they can't be easily moved him in front of the General hooker entrance on Beacon Hill. And that continues making your way all the way down Beacon Street. More of these metal barricades in front of the grand beautiful entrance in front of the golden Dome of the State house. All of that is up keeping you Significantly back almost to the curb here in front of the Statehouse normally could walk right up to the gates. It's a great place to hold rally. That's a great place where a lot of people do that, in the speeches, they make their political points. Not today because of the alert that was leaked to the press from the FBI, warning that there were protests. Let's put it that way planned at all. 50 US capitals Now the FBI here in Boston, the state police, the local police, the governor, the mayor of all told us that there is no specific threat. To the Massachusetts capital, the city hall anywhere in Massachusetts, and I could tell you, Ben, There are a lot more reporters out here hanging out in front of the Statehouse. Then there are people on the comment reporting from the Statehouse. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, Maybe some of those people around store Oh, Dr 303, Let's check on traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic called the Threes. We got a little bit of a mess going on, Mike. Yeah, it's a headache along the Charles Band. This is Storrow Drive East that's jammed up back to back. Let's have. It's a center lane breakdown shortly after the Longfellow Bridge This just happened a while ago. So this is gonna be a real problem here on Storrow Drive, which was already back to Mass as because of an earlier crash on the lever it up right now, we gotta deal with this center lane breakdown by the Longfellow Bridge Elsewhere, the lower deck of 93. That's fine this afternoon. So is the Tobin Bridge. All the airport tunnels air clear. How south of town the expressway South is pretty good. Coming out of the tunnel. Slow going from mass have down past self bay and then not so bad. Reduced speeds from east Milton down to the Braintree slip at the most 17 minutes, Boston to Braintree. Now North bound as good coming up past Andrew Square Root three South is clear all the way down pass through 1 39 this afternoon and routes 24 95 south. They're both off to a good start. Up to the north. In Revere. There's a section of Route one, a North North Shore road. Shut down as a crash. Cleanup continues. There's detours over to Revere Beach Boulevard for now, 1 28 North bounce back to then Woburn coming up past Washington Street and 93, but Roots three and 93 north. They're both pretty good up towards the New Hampshire line. Miking WBC's traffic on the three.

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